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I just bought this solution, and I have a problem with the thumbs images. They are not being generated at all. I did this in a manual way by adding a 300×300 px images with the same name and put them inside the thumb folder. Can you please help me with this?

Hi, I am having issues with full 360 images 5660 × 2830 they wont load…is there some change I will need to make to the settings?

Can you send the link ?


i have put 4 different pages up with different size pics in 3601, 3602, 3603, 3604 however the proper sphere pic is in 3602 also noticed the thumbnails do not show. Thanks for any help you can give

HI me again

ive noticed that the photo sphere will work if i convert it to a PNG file but will not work in JPEG, is there something that can be tweaked to allow JPG or JPEG to work?

Presales: is it has support for hotspot ?


edwient Purchased

where is your index/index.php file? i didn’t find it in your downloaded package. pls check your package ASAP, tks


I really like this plugin and I am looking to purchase it to install on my HTML Real Estate website, can you tell me if it is capable of displaying the name of the various locations in a home?

Panorama with several images as in the example (http://web.edenstudio.am/demo/php/index) are not automatically created. After loading, the preview is available only for the first image

something is missing in index.php here:

imagejpeg($image_p, “small/”.$filename, 90);

$fp = fopen(‘small/thumbs.txt’, ‘a’);

} }

... while writing the question found a solution updated code (it may be useful)

$arrayOfNames=file(’./data.txt’, FILE_IGNORE_NEW_LINES | FILE_SKIP_EMPTY_LINES); //easy way by googlecoding

imagejpeg($image_p, “small/”.$filename, 90);

imagedestroy($image); //added imagedestroy($image_p);//added

$fp = fopen(‘small/thumbs.txt’, ‘a’); fwrite($fp, $filename.”\n”); //added fclose($fp); //added

hi, i would like to include the panorama into a php page instead full-screen using include function.

what file proprieties i must change?

thank you

hi, do you think update?.. the admin panel need more power… hown can i admin the photos or how can i delete it, or how can i create the galleries?

Hello, super plugin. We can put several photos on the gallery but is that the plugin allows to create several gallery? Like: Art (10 pictures), Nature (11 photos), etc … thank you for your reply


oduls Purchased

Hello, I found the solution but sometimes the thumbnails are not created

i am looking for a version which can show 360 video and not only photo.

Hi. This plugin not support videos yet.


sribuy Purchased


I am getting this fatal error please help me to fix Fatal error: Call to undefined function exif_imagetype() /home//public_html/upload/index.php on line 12

Its comes becouse your server doesn’t support exif_imagetype function.

in next update I will fix it within a different function