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Great addons. Wish you big sale :)

thanks a lot :)

Please more demo, and i want try admin panel ? is it possible ?

Because, turned object how install ? i dont understand..

hi there

I love this and Im desperately tying to find a way to use it, do yuo think it would work with the following plugin?


If it does Im all in


Sorry it won’t work

Can you help me? http://timelapses.tv/pruebas-4/ What must I do to see correctly the effect with my timelapse?

rename images: anim_001.jpg to anim_1.jpg, remove “00” and 0,

doesn’t work. false advertising here too. plugin does not do what it says.

It works 100%, don’t worry Please send WP Logins to office@useful-pixels.com

Great plugin. I would buy it if it supported hotspot images/icons/areas with links.

Well… gonna buy it anyway. I hope you consider adding this feature in the future.

We’re working on it!

I am glad I encouraged you guys a little further by buying a license.


Recently just purchased the plugin, Installed to wordpress, but have no plugin options and am receiving prompt messages on wp – Please Install Visual Composer – 360 Product Rotation.

Any Thoughts?

360 Product Rotation is Addon for Visual Composer You need to install Visual Composer plugin first

Does this work with the Divi building by elegant themes? I have no use for visual composer aside from this plugin. And I’m hesitant to purchase both because I don’t want to run into conflictions after installing visual composer with my current builder.

It won’t work. Elegant themes don’t support Visual Composer

How can I turn object like the demo, mouse right and the object turn right. http://work.useful-pixels.com/demo-two/

The pluging work, but when I mouse right and the object turn left. I want to mouse right and the object turn right like your demo two.

Please send site url to office@useful-pixels.com


If hotspots is possible with your plugin ?


Currently not. We are working on it



looka Purchased

Is it possible to start the 360 view with a zoom effect … not directly 100% of the image ? Thanks

I’m sorry, but it’s just not possible

Hello, question, I have a site licensed by the wp-residence which has included Visual Composer license, how can I install 360 Product Rotation & Panorama. The site is http://olimob.ro. Thank you

Ok but those are pictures of panoramic, not 360 degrees, the pictures are photographed in 360 degrees ex: https://www.facebook.com/Olimob/photos/a.516350095091596.1073741825.487901671269772/1108200885906511/?type=3&theater

I made this plugin to work with image like this one: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panoramic_photography#/media/File:20031207_rainycourtyard.jpg

Sorry but It can’t work like your example.You can Request A Refund from Envato market

Thank you, sorry for misunderstanding.

Hi pre purchase question

is it responsive ?


Yes of course, you can test it on mobile devices http://work.useful-pixels.com/visual-composer-360-degree-image-viewer/


Awesome plugin! Are you able to help with the CSS to get the bottom title to appear ‘below’ the panorama image?


add this css code

.click_drag.pr { position: relative !important; margin-top: 5px;}


what about up or down.. can this work with photospheres (360 degree photo spheres)?


sorry it’s not possible


what about true 360 sphere photos? Just bought the Samsung Gear 360 and want to embed the photos, however, it looks like your plugin only does side-to-side.

Sorry but 360 sphere photos won’t work with this plugin

In regards to it’s responsiveness …

On the demo (and my site) – http://work.useful-pixels.com/visual-composer-360-degree-image-viewer/ when you go to mobile view the viewport of the plugin does resize, however the background image does not. Which ends up with it cutting off a lot of the bottom of the image. Is there a way to get the image to resize as well?

If I look at that demo on a small phone all I can see is the sky … none of the bottom of the image.

which phone do you have?

Have a look here – http://www.essencesurfersparadise.net/apartments/ about halfway down the page there is a section starting with ‘ocean, river, forever’ which is where my panorama is.

If you check it on phone… it’s cutting the bottom of the image. Using an old Samsung S1 but also tried on a Note 4 now (large phone) and same problem. Also same if I resize the browser screen on a desktop to a small width… is it something in my CSS? Cheers for quick reply!


You can control height with this custom css code:

@media (max-width: 1025px){ .spritespin { padding-bottom: 50% !important; }}

edit padding-bottom[increase 50%], or add :

min-height: XXXpx !important;


Hi – I have inserted 2×360 products next to each other. But when doing this the first product disappears? It seems that you cannot have 2 products on the same page… any ideas why this isn’t working?

sorry wrong link: http://work.useful-pixels.com/demo-two/ just rename Unique ID:

Unique ID must be different for each product


JJP981 Purchased

Can these just do 180° versus the full 360°? I have a photo that’s not the full rotational 360° and I would like it to stop at the left and right edges when it reaches the end. The effect I’m looking for is to scroll just a landscape instead of rotating around. Thank you for your support.


sorry for delay, it’s not possible, it only works with 360° img


Hi I installed and activated, but the Add-on doesn’t come up on elements list of visual composer and cannot choose. Any clue? Thanks

Hello again, I found and fixed a setting option of visual composer, and this add-on works greatly.