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Is it possible to add multiple images to one “window/frame” of the photo sphere? Otherwise I’d have like 4 frames on the page which would look rather ugly.

Thanks in advance!

sorry it not possible

Hi. Is it compatible with latest 5.01 VC? Have anyone tested it yet? Thanks.

It works just fine :)

Hi Can I embed google streetview images?

Send some images to office@useful-pixels.com so we can test them

Will you add this 360 sphere also for the x theme cornerstone page builder? best, Malte


ijaein Purchased

i uploaded panorama file (9mb) but. http error arise. what can i do ? another large file is uploaded (30mb) .

Hi, please send wp-admin logins to office@useful-pixels.com

Hello. First of all I would like to congratulate the plugin and say that I am satisfied with my purchase.

I have a need to measure within a panoramic image an object is possible?

Hi, can you tell me if its possible to enable auto rotation and set a zoom level?


You can set auto rotation ON/OFF, custom zoom level is not possible at the moment, but I will add this option in next update


Hi, I am considering to buy this awesome addon. One question I have is: what about gyroscope support? I have tried this on Samsung Galaxy S5 and have no reaction on device movements. I have checked and js library has support for gyroscope. Is it a setting or something else?

I bought your plugin and asked for support and no one responded to it yet. When I later tried to login to support from the Evato Market it says I do not have access even though I placed my key into the support form.

I need to know what other software do I need to buy to make this work. Links please?

Please send wp-admin logins to office@useful-pixels.com

Pre Purchase Questions: 1 Do you have any other examples of 360 panoramas or a self test demo. I have my logo at the bottom of the 360 and many plugin distort my logo, just seeing the quality of yours. 2. I tried it on the mobile phone but it did not rotate like other plugins. Does it have an option to be mobile responsive and compatible with things like google cardboard? Thanks

I had the same question as someone else but didn’t see the answer. Is gyroscope functionality going to be available any time soon?

Hi, can you update it so it has the option to add a direct link through markers? Imagine for example a virtual tour for a house, I click on a marker on a door, that marker takes me to another 360 of that room behind the door….etc etc!

I have purchased this plugin for the Visual Composer that i have on my website but once i place the image and try to see the results i just get a white page with the menu ???? Do i need additional plugins besides the VC ?

Any update on this ? Is the Author replying to any of the questions here ?

sorry for delay, please send wp-admin logins to office@useful-pixels.com


Eduobs Purchased

Is it possible to set zoom level? By default all of them have a little zoom… I want the pictures to be showed from the beginning without any zoom. Thanks!!!

Hello, is not the plugin compatible with 180º, 330º photos? I’m running OSMO Mobile, it only takes 180 and 330 photos and I can not put it on the site.

Hi I have a couple of pre-sales questions: 1. Does the plugin work on smart phone and allow the panorama to move with movement (Eg you rotate the phone in your hand and the image changes as well. 2. Is it compatible with google glass so people can view the panoramas with a headset? Thanks

3rd Pre Sales Question: Can I upload a stitched image or do I need to upload this as a .pano file – what is it compatible with?

Do you have a stand alone version for NON VC users ??

sorry but no

Do you have a stand alone version for NON VC users ??

sorry but no

Can you show multiple photos as in image gallery?

and Will it work with theta s ricoh?

Do you have an easy way to embed this code on another website without using and iframe? I’m not concerned about Cross Origin Resource Sharing because I can control the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header on the remote images and scripts.

I’m working on it