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Nice work GLWS :)

thanks a lot :)

Are you planning on doing a standalone plugin? I would love to use it with clients without Visual Composer! =)

It works without Visual Composer, but you will need to add shortcode, something like this

[photospherevc ps_autorotate=”yes” ps_zoom=”yes” ps_caption=”yes” ps_fullscreen=”yes” ps_mark=”panorama_1” photospherevcimage=”10349” ps_height=”300” ps_caption_text=”Samsung Gear 360”]


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What files are required to be uploaded? A single jpeg (GTGUI, etc) or individual jpegs?


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Hmmm, spelling counts – PTGUI.

Single jpeg

it works also with 360 ° images generated by other cameras and applications such cases, in addition to Sansung gear 360 and Android Photo Sphere?

It works with all 360 ° images. If you have some 360 ° images, send to office@useful-pixels.com. I will send you working demo link

Awesome plugin, finaly an easy way to get those 360 presentations on my website. Do you have future plans for the plugin? Like the possibility to create a virtual tour?

i’m working on it, also on marker options


Can you please test accelerometer on your mobile


Just tested it on both iOs and android. Android works, the only problem is that its glitchy, like shaking continuously. On iOs i got a black screen, so i guess that doesnt work yet. But thanks for the info about the new upcoming updates, looking forward to that!

Beautiful code! Good sales!

Your script, works amazing with mine.

Wp Comprehensive And Smart Image Resizer


Hello a couple of questions:

1. Can I specify “full width” for the width parameter?

2. I have the Bridge Theme (bought here) which includes Visual Composer, tough it’s not the standalone version of the plugin.. they make minot modifications to it… Do you know if that is a problem with your plugin?

3. Can I specify the start point/ or point of view of the image?

4. Also: In which mobile versions does it work? I’m using an ipad mini with iOS 9.3.5 and it works ok, but my old iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1 doesn’t display the image


1. Just set visual composer ROW to full width 2. It works with all TF themes. 3. I will try to add this in the next update. 4..Try now with iPhone 4. it should work [clear browser cash]


Hello. I’ve restarted my iPhone 4 to make sure it reloaded but Safari just keeps crashing when I visit the example page…

I know iOS 7.1 is somewhat old… but if I get a black or blank screen i guess people with older phones won’t see the image but can see still se other content from my site; but if the app crashes trying to load the page, that’s a problem… :-(

Do you have iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s?

Hi, can you have more than one panoramic on a post or page without Visual Composer?

Sorry but new version with custom markers will not work without VC.


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Hi, do you have any links how to work with the pictures coming out of a samsung gear 360… so that they become really ONE picure?

regards, cd

why we have to buy it ???? free download here !! http://photo-sphere-viewer.js.org/


Please read Item Details

Photo Sphere is based on the JavaScript library [Photo Sphere Viewer] Thanks to: Jeremy Heleine and mistic100

http://photo-sphere-viewer.js.org is free JavaScript library same as Twitter Bootstrap or jQuery UI.

You can’t download JavaScript library and just install on Wordpress.

You need to make plugin or in our case Visual Composer Addon.


Hi, your product it’s so awesome, clean navigation and fast rendering image I’m interested and have plan to buy it but i have a couple question here:

there is possible to add some track/point to another scene like google street view?? so looks like a virtual tour.

and how limit images can upload to this plugin?



Sorry but track/point to another scene is not possible

You can upload unlimited images



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do it work on IE11 ?, i have Problems to Display a Panorama


for some reason it doesn’t work on IE11. I will try to fix this issue, but I think that Microsoft will very soon remove support for IE11

Windows 8 and 10 are using Edge and they don’t include IE11 browser. Besides, running older versions of a web browser is never a good idea.



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1. Have you an ETA for new upcoming updates about marker?


1. We are almost done, next week, we are releasing new update with markers


2. You can use Visual Composer frontend editor


Wonderfoul !

We have just released a new version of the 360 Panorama Photo Sphere plugin, version 1.1! with customized markers.

Hi. I like your plugins, I would buy the same if the equirectangular images can be inserted through external link. For example from amazon S3. Since with the current system of uploading the image to the wordpress library, the page and upload is slow.

You could add this function, thanks


Excellent advice, tomorrow I will add this option.


Hi, thanks for taking into account my suggestion, I would like to know if it is possible and as a function that would be very good, able to activate the VR view, for virtual reality glasses, I do not know if this can do it but it would be an excellent function, For the people who make 360 spherical photography.

Thank you and I await your response.

Hi. I am interested in this plugin, and sent a 360° JPG to office@useful-pixels.com. Can you send me a demo link to see it working? Thanks.

Nice Plugin, It works fine. How can i change the autostart direction.

It should move to the left. THX for Help.


You need to edit vc_extend.php line:472 replace: anim_speed: ‘1rpm’, with: anim_speed: ‘-1rpm’,


great you can assign link multiple spheres? Through icons?

sorry for delay, direct link is not possible, you can add link in popup content

Can be used with wordpress 4.7? I have visual composer installed on it.