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What is the difference between the regular and the MINI?

will this work with a real estate theme? like to be integrated within the pictures for 360 view?


You can add it anywhere you think you need a interface to display a list of images that showcase something viewed from multiple angles.

I bought the plugin of 360 and i’m trying make to work but i have no sucess.

I can’t locate the images on wordpress. Appears a popup with this error: Error: Image not found on this path: ’ data-src=’/images/03.jpg

I already put all url of image, just the name, and i have no sucess.

My test is:

My post is: wpw_360_viewer width=”1454” wpw_360_img src=”/images/03.jpg”

Can you help me?

Kindest Regards

Forget about, i change the js and remove the data-src


prepurchase question – would i be able to achive the same effect with your plugin as here i only have 4 views – 2 sides, front and back the most important thing – would it work on woocommerce?


Is there a way to hide the bottom green bar and auto-start rotation?

So the author is no longer supporting this plugin?

I am getting an error in It tells me that jQuery(”.wpw-auto-ini-3dv”).wpwMiniTSZ(); inside of a document ready is an undefined function. I know this really doesn’t give a lot to fix the issue. I have attempted to fix it but cannot come up with a solution.

Can this be implemented in the product view in the Avada theme?