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hii, i want to see the demo, but also do not working, can you fix it?


from where into admin could I able to set the price table URL?

Hello, thank you for getting in touch. You set the prices in the “Manage Membership” page. Thank you :)

Is it easy to integrate with other payment methods?

Hello, thank you for getting in touch. The application uses paypal and stripe, which currently are used for the majority of worldwide online payments – so they should cover most clients.
However, it is of course possible to add your own methods. You would need to have some PHP knowledge, but the code is not too complicated and also well structured. So you should be able to do it if you are a little bit familiar with PHP. Thank you :)

Hello there, i have to buy this script for my current website pakmodeling.com and i already html scripts for that, now i want to add registering members for free and paid, so I think this script will complete my purpose but i have to know before i shoukd buy it, that can i integrate this to my current website template? The url for my site is given above kindly check and give me suggestion. Thanks for your kind response.

Hello, Thank you for getting in touch. Your website seems to be down. Can you please check? Thank you :)

Does your script track failed logins and hacker types ?

Hello, thank you for getting in touch. No, the script does not track that so far unfortunately. Thank you :)

I would love to purchase this script. Would you please suggest how to add more Membership option as i could not find any features to add more Membership level

1. Does this have ccBill payment method 2. Does it detect multiple IP addresses – that will identify users sharing usernames and passwords ?

Hello, thank you for getting in touch and please excuse the delay. Unfortunately, both of your requirements are currently not supported by the application. Thank you for your interest though. :)


Hi, wo kann ich denn neue, zusätzliche Memberships definieren? Kann ich Memberdaten irgendwann in eine SQL auf dem gleichen Server exportieren? Grüße, Florian

I understand the purchase does not include customisation, but do you offer customisation as an additional service?

Good evening, How do I disable Stripe?

Helo, how do I see the payment screen? I would love to buy but seeing how a use will purchase will help… if not provide a video or screenshot something.