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how easy is it to add more words? how easy is it to change the pictures of the letters? how well commented is the code? any documentations included?

where in the code allows me to change to a new word?

nevermind i figured it out

Hi, go to GameEngine.m file and go to top and find NSString* listedImgArr[] = {@”bear-bare-brae”} // you can add here.

Hi there – are there any sounds at all or background music?

Yes added sound effects

Can you make iAd banners through out the whole game (at the bottom) and iAd full page interistial pop ups everytime you lose ?.. I look forward to the response thank you

only for banner.

Can you add the iAd interistial once the you run out of time ? Thanks

this game iad banner only

Are the words random when you start a new game or does it always follow the same sequence?

its generate random.

How easy is it to change the language for the words?

Hi, only for english.

Awesome work. I like it very much :) Good luck with sales! I will follow you.

Thank You Flyermarket

admob sdk old or new ?

Hi, can it figure out same letters but different words ? E.g ADD and DAD

Yes hmdesign2010

Hi, 2 questions: 1. Can you please share a sample of the data file so I can see the effort needed to add new words and change it for a different language? 2. In you demo I noticed that the time does not reset each time you succeed. Can the timer change so it resets every time you find a word? Thx

NSString* listedImgArr[] = {@”bear-bare-brae”, @”much-chum”, @”moss-soms”, @”aids-dais-sadi-said” @”Your words” }

Support english only. You can change a timer easy.

Thank you so much. What stops the app to have different language inside the array?

I’m not checked for different language. But we want change some images for (alphabetic a,b,c,d….)

Hi, it’s possible to generate words in other language with code ? If yes , the developpement to do this is hard ?

Hi, this is support english only.

it’s possible to use words with 6,7,8 characters ? it’s easy to customize?

Hi , this game work for 3 4 5 letters only now.

Just bought this game, and I’m stoked on it! A couple quick questions! How does Chartboost work on it? Does an ad pop up every couple times someone fails?

Also, with admob, my admob ID starts with “ca-app-pub” but the admob ID thats already in the game is doesn’t start with that and I didn’t wanna switch out the wrong ID, so I was also wondering about that? Hopefully that wasn’t too confusing!

If gameover is coming chartboost is pop up.

Thanks man! One more quick question! With iAd, is it already set up, or do I have to get some type of ID somewhere for it or something like that?

Yes, already set up iAd banner and interestitial. You should enable for that go to AppDelegate.m file enable iad.


Hi I think you’ve done a good job! There’s a few things I really want… Is it easy to add background music and sound effects when the word is correct and incorrect? Also can you add a back to menu button when its in the game? You can paste the code here or send me an email : hmdesign2010@hotmail.com Thanks heaps!

Thank You

Hey, Do you know why sometimes, when it loads on a real device, the letters won’t come up until I tap on the screen once?

I will check and update you soon.

Hi there – just noticed the update is available, what has changed in this please?

Hi, updated for sound effect when word is correct or wrong and fixed iAd interstitial.

Thank You

Hey bro, when trying to validate it I got this error, can you help me out? http://s75.photobucket.com/user/jose54321/media/another%20error.png.html?sort=3&o=0

Hi, provide your package name for your info.plist file.

where i can change the iad id? Pls tell me what file

Now i fixed ads will pop up gameover screen, you want to display automatically mean?

what i mean that i just change the app name and build the app and submit to the app store and the game will display my ads from developer account?

Yes automatically display for your ads.

Hi, how can I remove the overlay blue colour on those letter circle when game over? those circles Under the text “you could have made”

The app got rejected, apple said there’s a problem with game center. When I tap on game centre button, it said game center unabailable.

Below is the details We discovered one or more bugs in your app when reviewed on iPad running iOS 8.4.1 iPhone running iOS 8.4.1 on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

Specifically, Game Center results in error that Game Center is not logged in.

The steps to reproduce are:

1. Launched app 2. Played Game 3. Tapped on Leaderboard 4. Game Center not logged in

I fixed the game center, I forgot to enable it in the AppDelegate.m

Yeah, if you want enable in this feature, you must enable it.


please help me with this

“We found that your app uses the iOS Advertising Identifier but does not include ad functionality. This does not comply with the terms of the iOS Developer Program License Agreement, as required by the App Store Review Guidelines.”

can you give me the docs or give me the hint to do this?

if i want to disable the in app purchase what line of code i need to comment

i will help you soon

Hi smartdev100. I could not build on xcode 7 and ios 9 beta. can you fix it.

I will fix it.

Hello, how do I enable share to FB and Twitter as well?

just call function in AppDelegate.m file

Is it iOS 9 ready?

update will come tomorrow.