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Hi I don’t get how it work. have you an account for demo testing ?

Thank you for answer, it seems complicated for make a sign if the usage is frequent like consult notification etc..

We will be updating the system where the user will only need to do the verification, like once a month (from each device/pc) he uses. This should be available by the end of next week.

We have started working on it and have successfully finished and tested it, we have submitted it for review. Please note that it will not be included in the live demo. Since the users might need to test it multiple amount of times. Thank for your interest. If you require any further assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us on info@neuroncodes.com or using the comment

Hello, This is a great tool. ‘ve got another question to it. how do I create a user – I need a register script for this? If so – can you recommend me one or maybe you’ve got a little script ;)

We will be more than happy to create a script for you. Contact us on info[at]neuroncodes.com so we can discuss this further.

hi , i need a clarification, I am satisfied with the demo. I need to know , where is the logout button,if i hit logout button,application will get logout but i dont want to have for days – what i need is only for few minutes like this,

the user logs in and after successful log in the one time password must reset and when logout the user must not be able to use the same one time password , the user logs in must wait for the one time password through mail and so on, then he will be able to login with the one time password sent in mail

regards raghavan2004

The logout button in not developed as different software requires different procedures to logout. The easiest way to do it is to unset the session thus all data from the session is erased. In order to have a code generated each time the user logs in you only need to disable the cookie variable and the system will request for a new code each time. Hope this was help full email us if you require further assistance.

Regards, InsanityCode

I am interested in purchasing this product. I am looking to password protect a fold where a user gets to log in one time. once logged in and logged out the password is no longer valid. does this product do that.

Yes, this generates different key every time.

Demo offline. Please check and let me know, thank you.

thanks for outlining the issue. The problem has now been solved

Thank you. Would it be possible to integrate code transmission through text messaging? I have seen another script on CodeCanyon that does this. I am inclined to acquire your script, but for the lack of this feature. I already have an account with access to the SMS API. Please advise.

It would be possible. I have not integrated it due to the lack of interest in the script. However, I would be more then happy to integrate it for you. Contact me on info[at]neurongeek.com to talk furthure on this

phpmyadmin cant import the database.sql file..

I assume the database.sql file creates the database then creates the tables. I get this error:

QL query: CREATE database twostepver; MySQL said: Documentation #1044 – Access denied for user ‘dnpresea’@’localhost’ to database ‘twostepver’

I tried creating the database with user access then import the create table script from database.sql but that didn’t work either.

Please respond.

From the error is seems that the user ‘dnpresea’ does not have access to create a new database. Have you tried it with a root account?

Hi I have a few questions:

  1. I require that when a user attempts to log in, the authorization code is sent ONLY to the main admin account. Is it possible for the system to do this already or does the system need to be added to/modified to achieve this??
  2. I need to implement this as part of a WordPress website, is this possible?

Please get back to me as soon as possible.

Hi, 1. Yes this would be possible. You can setup a static email to whom the email is sent to. 2. This could be implemented in wordpress however it currently is not a wordpress plugin

I just send you a PM for a custom work :)

Hi Micheal, We have replied to your message. Thanks.

Thank you