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Im sorry, you are right, even if I use pop up, ssl will be requiered.

Thnks a lot, I have already purchased your plugin and works great

Thank for purchasing!

CC number fields not showing out.. please help

Hi there,

Just a quick pre-sales question if I may—does this plugin support recurring billing in 2 checkout? If not, would it be possible for you to make the necessary customization?

Kind regards Francois Wessels

Hello I bought plugin for however when enter credit card number for checkout I see that screen and freezing like that :

Customer can’t be sure if order is placed and charged if it freeze like that.

Are you sure your site is working fine before active my plugin? I see an error of javascript on your site:
“Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < “- line:
double <script> tag: <script> <script language="javascript"> Please check it first


1) should the costumers be paypal users for doing this?

2) how I receive money? to my paypal account or to my bank account?

3) What if I don’t have a ssl certificate? Will the plugin still work?

4) Any country restrictions?

5) How much does 2checkout charge?

Thank you

hi, whats the difference between this one and, please clarify, i dont know wich one to buy, thanks

hello, any news? i need to purchase one of them

i dont wanna know how is gonna be the support, if for sales there is no answers, how is gonna be for support?

Hi, I have a pre-purchase question, does it allow people to checkout right by staying on the website and entering credit card details instead of redirection to’s page? Thanks!

Anyone here know if you still need PCI DSS compliance certificate?

I’m awaiting 2co to verify my acc still.

Hi Guys, after we upgraded Woo Commerce today we are getting this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method WooCommerce::logger() in /home/kalimahc/ on line 49

Hello.. anyone there?

Is your plugin compatible with WooCommerce 2.6.4?

I have sent an email asking for support almost a week ago and received no reply. This plugin is not working properly and there’s not enough information to help anybody solve it.

Save yourself the hassle and the money and don’t buy it.


check the last update of this plugin and you will know it is abandon plugin. before buying plugin check the changelog and the last update.

For anyone looking for a working / updated 2checkout gateway for WooCommerce, see