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To increase font size you mentioned, Open card.java line 71:

textPaint.setTextSize(screen.dpToPx((int) (int) (0.13f * height))); just increase the 0.13f

But you never mentioned the steps to get there, where do I go to fine that, is this something done in eclipse?

yea. Open eclipse just like in the tutorial, then in the project explorer open src-> com.neurondigital.twofourzeroeight->card.java

can I change the 2048 to another number !? like 1024 or something else !? if no, can you make change for me ?

yea it can be done. Just change the number from strings.xml

Can you help me make some changes with this app?

what do you wish to change?

Reskin and blocks

hi, sorry for the late reply. Sure I can help you out. Most of the changes are documented in the included video tutorial. Most of the things you need to changed are in strings.xml.

Hi, Bought app and really love it. Howeever iam stuck on a few things. I want to add like 10 levels with all different goals. Can u help me out, i can pay extra. Pls mail me: martijn_van_eerden@hotmail.com

I would like to localize the game to Arabic. Can I translate all UI text into Arabic? I would like to have even the digits to be Hindi (http://www.translationdirectory.com/images_articles/guide_to_translation_and_localization/user_interface_05.gif)

Please tell me if that’s possible.

Hi, Sure it can be done easily all from strings.xml. Just translate the text.

Even the digits?

yea sure. Even the digits in the tiles.

You still there??

Replied on your other comment.

Hi, the game does not autosave when you close the game?

No it doesn’t save the score if closed

Good if added push notification… If needed I can add for you push notifications.. skype me salbiz@live.com

Hey. Thank for your great app.

I just have few questions. I wrote an email to you.

I’m translating this app into my language Azerbaijani. I need to change font to view our language letters good. Also when I’m trying to save with Android Tools—> EXPORT SIGNED APPLICATION PACKAGE i can’t save it because the language error. What can i do?

Hi, Just got back to you. Thanks!

Hi How i can add StartApp Ads ? And i cant find the activity_main.xml file !

I tried that but it didn’t work . Can u tell me more details .. and where i can add the banner in which xml file !

No layout xml files where used in this game. All google ad code is in screen.java line 109, in the showBanner() {} function. For ease of use I added a variable named ‘BannerAd_unit_id’ in strings.xml. However if you need to put in your own code you need to do it from scratch in screen.java

Hi first thanks for this cool game.

I want to increase not only size of the text in the card, but also want to increase card (rect) size. Can you please help me asap? Thanks

Hi, yes that is unfortunately not currently a feature of the app and I’m afraid it will take some time to code if you try to add it.

OK Thanks, I published my app on Google Play Store, and can i publish my app on other markets (Samsung, Amazon and etc.) also, or only Google Play? I have Regular License for this app

Yes you can upload on both, as long as its the same version

it’s necessary to change package name before uploading to google play?

I haven’t tried it myself. However it should be absolutely possible.

I need to remove music from app how can I do this?

Hi, In line 623 of maingame.java, just remove the contents of the play music function and leave it like so:

    public void PlayMusic() {

not smooth as the original 2048 game. It does not have the sliding effect or animation which is a huge lacking.

The most important thing is, its sensitivity is bad. It does not catch many of my finger swipes. This greatly reduces the game’s playability.

I purchased your 2048 game. It has a bug (at least). When we have 2-2-2-2 and when we swipe it (say right) we get 2-2-4. It must be 4-4 according to original 2048 game. Please fix this or refund our payment.

Hey, amazing app. BTW the only dummy ads are popping up in the banner ads and the interstatial ads are not happening at all. Can you please help . :)

If you wish feel free to email me the .apk file on melvin@neurondigital.com. I’ll check it out for you.

or the link to google play if its online

I got it working !! Thanks for the support :) :) Keep up the good work :) :)

Hello. Your app looks good. I want to buy it but i don’t know any thing about reskin. Can I do it easily with your support ? Even with android studio ?

Hi, This template was meant for eclipse. Here’s a tutorial showing a simple customisation using eclipse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ON-Mdh8hL38

Having said this, the template can be easily imported in Android Studio. Here’s a tutorial explaining the import process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wex50SssE5k (there are alot more similar on youtube)

The main menu can be selected to play for board width 5×5,6×6,7×7,8×8 adding the preference?

example: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spring.bird.game2048plus

Hi, The board size can only be set in code, through strings.xml. Unfortunately it can’t be set in main menu.


dxb1 Purchased

i want to buy this app .. but im curious if support is still offered for this app?


No, you don’t have to. As long as you rename the app’s main package you should be fine.


dxb1 Purchased

ok no issue then .. btw check your “Jewel Miner – Match 3 Puzzle Game” i downloaded the zip file and the content seem incomplete .. there’s only one folder in the zip named “code” and inside this folder is only the .gradle, .idea and app folders

glad you solved it in the other comment :)

how can develop game like this https://goo.gl/aQPS3B Thank you

I’m afraid that this template is a bit different to transform it to the app in the link.

How to import this project in android studio

after adding admob interstitial,banner ad unit code in strings.xml still ads are not showing . whats the problem.give me latest version of your working app.kindly update your code

05-15 05:02:25.544 20443-20659/com.webofia.ak2048 W/Ads: There was a problem getting an ad response. ErrorCode: 0 05-15 05:02:25.544 20443-20443/com.webofia.ak2048 W/Ads: Failed to load ad: 0

This project is designed for Eclipse. However, with some work it could be still imported in Android Studio. If Admob gives you ErrorCode 0, it usually means that your ad is newly created. It may take some time for it to start working. Please make sure that you copied the right Ad unit id.