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(1) Hello, are these editable in the regular Xcode or do I need to edit the files in Cocos2d when I purchase the regular license?

(2) Also, can I simply replace png images that are the same size from photoshop or do i need to use another photo editor like texturepacker?

Please let me know before I purchase. Thank you.

I don’t know Cocos2d if it is :/


1) Yes they are editable in xcode. The packages comes with xcode files

2) The images are easier to replace using buildbox since its all saved in an atlase. Like I did for some, I can help replace all the images if provided and send you a custom package with all your details in it including ads IDs

Hello Sir, when i purchase what are include? and i need to reskin or not before publish to IOS or google play store? if i need to reskin what software i need to install for reskin this 2 game? document include or not? thank you and waiting your reply :D

Hi, can you PM your email address to better understand your level of knowledge with game submission

i am newbie, but i know how to use buildbox but not much. my gmail : please contact me thz

Hello, Are build box projects included in this purchase?

ONLY for extended license.

hi, is the buildbox file included with regular license?

ONLY for extended license

Honestly,the script didn’t include full source code i think, because some codes be compiled library as .a files, as a buyer you don’t know what happened in this library, i regret i bought the script. It’s not worth.


If you are experiencing some issues, just say it and I will help you out. Making this type of statement means something else.

All buyers I have helped have submitted their games with this same script you are talking about.

If you are ready for me to help you out, PM what you are trying to do so I have a clear understanding of what the issue is.

i mean as a buyer unless modify and, i cannot find any codes can be modified, because many source code is hidden as lib files (suffix .a files), for a buyer these libs cannot be modified, so the game just can only reskin! Seller should provide full source code, but not the libs files.

Sorry you still have not said anything yet. What are you trying to do? This game was built with buildbox which you clearly know. So where the settings are is totally different.


Hello sir, i have some problem please help me, actually this app is already summit to google playstore but my admob is disable, so i need to change admob when i go back to edit it fact some error that i cannot did it.

Hi if i buy both these games would you generate the apk if i cant? i always have issues with eclipse and its api

i already bought the infinity climb if it goes well i will buy the “dont get popped” and “follow the flight” where do i send my details?

email me the purchase code and when you bought it