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I like it! Is it hard to add any new icon and animate it?

Not really, if you know how to use gsap. Just name everything correctly in the SVG and match what I’ve already done in the JS file. I can also do a different icon for you as a freelance project.

hello dxc, how I can make the animation in adobe muse

I’ve never used Muse so I honestly don’t know. I could be wrong, but I thought animations had to be built in Muse to be usable in Muse.

Hey, what software do you use to create these animations?

It’s actually all done in code.

Can these icons be increased in size? Lets say i would like the web optimization icon to be 500×500px, is this possible?

Absolutely! Because they’re SVG, they can be any size.

I like the designs very much, and should work great for a website project I’m working on.

Hi, I have purchased this but I don’t know how to use this in Wordpress, any idea ?

This wasn’t built for WordPress. You could get it to work, but it would take some tweaking. Sorry. :(

Is there instruction in your documentation on how to add text to the icons? Or is this even possible?

You would just add text via html under the icon. You could also just add text to the SVG if you like.

These are amazing icons, love to see a web design svg pack

Bought um, love um! One thing though…I see these use waypoints. I am already using waypoints in my project but I am using the jQuery version and these icons use the no frameowrk version. I cannot use both versions of waypoints and I need to use the jQuery version. QUESTION: Can I get these icons to work using the jQuery version of WayPoints and if so how? Thanks so much!

Doesn’t really matter. You can just conform to using the no framework version…

These are great. I like the way they lazy load. Please make more so I can buy

Hi. After updating my theme I get this error:

“Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘play’ of undefined(anonymous function) @ dxcicons.js:63”

The weird thing is that it’s only on the homepage. Any idea how to fix this?

I have been waiting and waiting for an answer on this. Why when I use waypoints for anything else on my page do these icons break? I need to be able to use waypoints for other things. I sent a support request with live example a while ago.

i need 70 icons to my site how much you charge sir..

Might be worth stating these are not for Wordpress…I really like them, but only after buying them and not being able to understand how they work I found in the comments that they’re not meant for Wordpress. Of course I’m not thinking about a refund for $8. My bad I didn’t read, bit can you maybe do some custom ones for me as a freelance project?

Hi can I hire you for custom animation job>?

Hello! Oh, your icons are beautiful and I think they buy. Tell me please, can I download the icons in the WordPress site and insert the slider – Revolution Slider as the image layers. I also have in this slider has custom fields for javascript – is also possible to insert them?

pre purchase question.

how hard will it be to edit the colors of those icons?

Nice animations!

Very cool! Good luck!