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is your app use google play services or still using admob sdk?

Google Play services

Do user can play offline or in online mode

Can play offline too

Hello! Is this app in Eclipse?

Yes, you can customise this app in eclipse.

Hello, i have this error in eclipse: case expressions must be constant expressions

From what I can tell you must be getting this problem in a switch function. This problem can be arised due to some wrong modifications in the layout. You can do either of the following

1. Right click on your project and then select properties. Then in next tab select android. Now in the dialog box at bottom part make sure that the “IsLibrary” is unchecked.

2. You can delete your existing project and reimport the project again

i convert switch function to if else (ctr+1 in eclipse) and the problem is solved

Yes that Also does solve it.


  • On the description you say “Support for Spanish, Russian and German language” how does exactly works?
  • Can members change the language or it changes to the language the device is using?
  • Does the game comes with those languages files already translated?
  • Can I changed the about me page and fonts?
  • How difficult is to make more themes and do you include the .PSD files?

When are you expecting to release an Update?

within a week or so. Can you put up a list of features that would be needing. It would be very helpful.

Simple game, easy to reskin

Hi, you can change pictures by number pieces of an image?, Like a puzzle.

Yes for that you have modify the xml files piece by piece

whats new in this update?

its written in update section in the description.

The share feature is not working. I tried the facebook share and it said one or more media objects could not be attached.

Try it with whatsapp and Gmail. Facebook has changed their policy so that without sdk sharing becomes s difficult. It will work with older version of Facebook.

Hi, I already purchased 15Puzzle. Would you have any instructions on how to setup the game for Android Studio?

thank you Netzela

Sorry about that as we have not worked with android studio. But it should be same as importing any other android project in that.

Hello, I’m getting error: “R cannot be resolved to a variable” could you tell me what I’m doing wrong? everything else is working smoothly.

thank you

Mail us a screenshot of the error and the place where it is occurring at droidscreative@gmail.com

thanks, I have emailed you as you required.

Mail sent do tell me if your problem remains unsolved.

Hi , Please guide me . How to have a sliding effect !

Thanks for the reply I quickly !. For example : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dfgames.fifteen

That kind of animation will not be possible with the current code implementation. As far as that game is concerned it’s size is big so it’s possibly based on a game framework, most likely libgdx. If we built the game using that framework then the animations can be done.

Yes Thank you!

I publish game on Google Play that do not modify the name . This is valid ?

If you have not changed the name then it’s alright.

when i import the game to eclipse there were problems appears . and you can see these problems clear in this photo


please see it and tell me what can i do to resolve this problem , because this the first time for me to re-skin android apps .

Sorry but TeamViewer support is currently unavailable. However to solve your problem all you need to do is open the xml file in which the error is occurring. There you would see a line something like this in the starting of code.
just replace the line with the given line below

it does not work , OK can you reskin the app for me

Yeah app reskinning can be done. Just mail your request to our email. To mail us just go to our profile page and mail us from there.

Hello Is your app support high image resolution ??

You can change the images to high res if you want more high res graphics.

Also you can create more folders and add high res images to them and android will automatically pick up those provided they have the same name.

Is this game available in Anroid Studio?

Nope it supports only eclipse.

So i cannot import it to Android Studio ??

No. But if we remove some libraries then it might work. We have not tried it so we cannot be sure about that.

Hi, you can change pictures by number pieces of an image?, Like a puzzle. How ? Thank you !!

can you tell me how please ?

Well its possible but as i have already said it you have to modify each of the xml files. It would be too much work to do that so i have replied you that its not possible with the current code. To do that you have to open activity_main.xml file present in res—>layout folder. In that you have to apply background as image instead of color.

OK thanks

can i import in eclipse or android studio?

oke thanks, i will wait for android version. i hope not too long

If you still want the android studio version without the new update do mail us.

can i get email address? this is my email minor.nando@gmail.com