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Game looks nice, Would you be able to integrate iAds? Or provide some help in doing so?

If you want I will support it

Hi, can you make a video of gameplay, please. I and many others for sure will purchase if we can check the video and we like it.

you can search 123 crazy on appstore for demo :D

will you update to universal version soon?

Great! normally when will ready?

Are the choice of number in your version 1 -10? How many numbers can you use, example 1 – 20? 1 – 40?

Thank you.

You can creat next image from 11 to your number and find function random %10 change to %20 or %40

Hi, the timer slider doesn’t work. It doesn’t slide…can you fix it?

The color does change in 1 second, but shouldn’t there be a bubble that moves from left to right as shown on the Storyboard. Also, why does it slide in 1 second? I thought the count down is supposed to be 2.


slide run after 1 second

Awesome game, very addicting :)


How can we delete Admob, cause i need to put iAD but i have a problem , i can’t click on my iAd banner due to Admob, i want to delete all data of admob, can you telle me how ?


For unlimited tap. Change time limit to your time needed. Br

yes ok but the timer ?


Click to Slider timer. and change maxvalue to your new timer.

Hello, Would you consider make it for an Android ?


Ios only