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Hello, Can this plugin work with custom posts and customs taxonomies ? Thank you

Hello, thank you for excellent idea, possibility of handling custom posts/taxonomies will be reviewed in the next update.

Hello, I have just posted and updated version of 1-2-3 Categorizer. 2.0 version supports custom taxonomies and custom post types.

This looks useful. What about posts, that are in more than one category? I would also vote for custom post type and taxonomy feature.

Regards, Bernhard

Hello, 1-2-3 Categorizer allows to handle posts with multiple categories. Posts to Categories screen allows to assign/desassign multiple categories to the selected post. Possibility of handling custom posts/taxonomies will be reviewed in the next update.

Hello, I have just posted and updated version of 1-2-3 Categorizer. 2.0 version supports custom taxonomies and custom post types.

Useful!. I just saw your video, easy to use. Super bookmarked….

Hello, thank you for your comment.

I’ll buy on next update! Thanks

Thank you for your comment.

Excellent idea, definitely going to bookmark and check back on when I have more need for it.

Thank you for your comment.

Hi, I bought your plugin. I need urgent you help with posts sorting by date, not by alphabet.

Please help.


Your support is excellent. 4 days without answer. Good job! Tibor.

I’m sorry for delay, i had no possibility to answer as i was in hospital, if you still need my assistance i will be happy to help. Sorry one more time for delay.

The required update was made. Sorry for delay.

Has this plugin been abandoned?

Not really, there were no improvement requests or bug reports. If you have anything to share you’re welcome.

Very usefull for me, good idea. Please it is possible to see the categories in Hierarchical mode? It would be great, because I´ve very similar subcatgegories assigned to different categories, so it´s difficoult to set the good one. Or maybe it would be a very good upload. Thank you

Oh, Sorry, I´ve just seen that this function is allready installed and we can se it in the right column; Great !, no other plugin do this.

And I suggest you that it will be very good a plugin that adapts the wp edit panel to the dessign of your plugin, or just a plugin to show the scroll down panel (the same of 1-2-3) of categories / subcategories (and other scroll down for tags) in the wp admin panel. The wp admin panel is horrible, and it´ll be better with your panels. Sure I would buy it!

Thank you for good idea, I’ll take a look and see what can be done.

hi, installing problem: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home/fondisicav/domains/fondiesicav.it/public_html/wp-content/plugins/123categorizer/bpcrc.php on line 55

Thanks Gio

Thanks, got it. It is backward compatibility issue with old PHP versions, will fix it today. Sorry for inconvenience.


Please check update, now should be OK. Let me know if anything wrong. Thank you for your patience.

Hi, your plugin is very usseful; Is there any way to view the post excerpt or the post content while assigning categories? I think it´s no able to do this, but I suggest an upgrade that has a box where it appears the post content. In my case, I have a lot of specific categories, and I need to read the post to assign one or other. Thank you.

Hello, I’ll take a look in the next few days how to improve it.

Hello, please check update. There is a button ‘View Post’ in button panel, select 1 post and click it, post content should appear in popup.

Hi, I´m using 1-2-3 very well, it´s usufull when the user has a lot a lot of categories and subcategories. Great Plugin; You improved the possibility to see post content, so now it´s more usefull. Now I´m bulk importing posts; maybe it would be possible to MULTISELECT posts to assign them a category? It is not necessary multiselect Categories to Post; just multiselect Posts, and then, in the category column, match one category

Thank you in advance

Hello, 1. which version did you install? 2. What does it mean ‘not working’? Can you see the button? If yes what happens after click? Are you able to see any error/warning in debug console?

Sorry for the delay, I had problems; now I can see the “View post”. Please, I have another question: Is there any problem with the permalinks ? I mean, when I move a post to a category, or change it, it will create a 404 page at the old link of the first category ? Must I redirect this one by 301 to the new link of the post? Thanks in advance !

I have checked on my local environment: moved posts across categories and use permalinks for navigation – all permalinks work as expected,no additional action required. Wordpress automatically prepares 301 redirect in case of URL is out of date.