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1. in your front demo pics,


your icons have multiple colors, making them seem more “alive”.

in the screenshots demo, they appear to have 1 solid color…

2. will all future packs be free in the future or just some of them?

interested, bookmarked.

to clarify: atm it seems you can use square, round and rectangle border/background box corner radius..

i always prefer a small soft roundness to my squares/rectangles ranging from border-radius: 3px to 5px in css terms.

anyways, well done, will buy it soon.

Happy to know that you like it :) Thanks :) for sharing your expectations and needs with us , it will help us to improve our plugins.

purchased, please consider adding a border-radius adjusting option

What are those downloadable zip files for?

Those are icons packs : you can add new icons to 1001 icons by adding icons packs using the plugin settings page, but please just use the icons packs available in our website . We will try to add more as soon as possible.

What about adding a tool that allows people to create icons that will work well with your system? Possibly also allowing a way that people could sell add-on packs of their own icon work on codegrandcanyon? That’ll easily bring interest.

There will be always new and free icon packs created by our team , We will though try to create a community when visitors can create their own packs and submit them to be checked by the team members before being added to a packs store (for free or to be purchased) But for the time being we are concentrating on making our plugin faster and more advanced so just use the packs available on our website ( +1200 icons ) Thanks for sharing your ideas with us we will try to make it true . Stay in touch

liked it and bought so quick and will give it 5 stars
having two issues though :
1-uploading a package from your site after downloading it gives an error :
Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/username/public_html/wp-content/plugins/leavy_icons/uploadpack.php:34) in /home/username/public_html/wp-content/plugins/leavy_icons/uploadpack.php on line 55

the second issue , is not matter what I do , or any icon I add while adding a post the output is always :
please help fixing these issues

Such problems wasn’t reported from any of our previous customers but feel absolutely free to open a support ticket and you will find help :)

yes the upload feature is now fixed …
but still I have a theme called powermag that I bought here and for some reasons the icons are not showing in the front end . they always show icon glass.
thanks for the update and support

Your theme probably add some class to our icons anyway send us an email to contact.leavy@gmail.com with your problem and our team will do some tests or even connect you with one of our developer to fix the problem.

I cannot download any icon pack, how this works? I thought there would be icons included within the plugin…

Hi there We are sorry ,it seem that we have a problem with our host. But don’t worry the problem will be fixed within few hours,We will notify you using this comments when we are done ! You will be able then to add any available icon pack to your existing one using the plugin settings page. We are sorry again and Thanks for your support. Regards.

Hi There The problem was fixed you can Visit Us and download the available packs and add it to your exiting one , Give it a try and inform us if there is any problem. Sorry again and enjoy our features … :)

Can you tell me how to add icons to my Design -> Menu items.

thanks in advance.


My theme has build shortcodes for icons and icon shortcode gets mixed up with your icon shortcode. As a result icon names are not recognized and do not display properly. Is there a way to modify the shortcode in your plugin so that it perceives it as a different shortcode from that of my themes. Thank you in advance for your time,


Never mind figured that out myself already :)


I bought it yesterday and I realize that nothing work, no website etc.

I would like to be refund, this plugging is easels.



The last purchase of this item was on 22 Feb 2014 so you couldn’t have purchased it yesterday …. Anyway with 17 purchase without a problem it is clear if there is a problem it will be with your Website , Feel free to open a ticket on our support website and the team will responce as soon as possible these problem happen when some users miss with the plugin codes.

Have a nice day. :)


Nice set, congratulations!

I have one pre-sale question: are these icons adapting to Retina sites?

Best regards,

No our icones aren’t Reina ready. Have a nice day :)

Thank you for the quick reply. Let me know if they come to be ;-)

Sorry but the Retina support isn’t in our todo list for this plugin, but please enjoy our current functionalities and Stay in touch for more :)


Is there any proper live demo available? http://codecanyon.net/item/1001-multicolored-icons-for-wordpress/full_screen_preview/5813727 Where this plugin is used in this url?