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Have messaged you regarding how to increase the size of the image representing the marbles. Could you explain if this is easily done and how to do it?


Sorry for the late reply. To increase the ball size you have to change the radius. Search for this line in

Increase the value on bracket to 0.4F or something bigger. Also do change the value wherever you can find in and


when i import the project there are errors

please help me what i must do

Try reimporting the project again after restarting eclipse. Sometimes eclipse does that.

Is it the app or only source code? Do you provide reskin and upload to Playstore?

Reskinning can be done additionally on request.

How much does it cost for the reskin? Can I have my admob there?

please send your requirements to our mail id for futher info.

Please upload the package without leader board. I do not want to include it in my app. What are the changes have to be made?

You can just remove the leaderboard button and disable leaderboard sign in from

Hey buddy, Can u give customer support via TeamViewer ?? I had added leaderboard but it does not works!!

No customer support very poor service All have to do by yourself…. Clearly mention that you will not provide any customer support

You are the first ever guy who have gave me 1 star for customer support. Do read the guidelines that customer support is not mandatory in Envato and it is the author who gives it on its own, that’s why item are cheap. Although I am providing you every support that you need via email and you are asking for TeamViewer support. It’s not mentioned anywhere that TeamViewer support will be provided and I have replied to every of your mail. It’s purchasers like you that blackmails author to provide free unlimited support by threatening to give 1 star. I have already told you what to add in the leaderboard if you still can’t figure it out then it’s up to you.

Hi I just readed that flow was your offer. Because it was removed I couldnt download my baught item. Can you help me please or pay money back? Or did I understand sth wrong at these comments and flow isnt your item?

Flow was removed from Envato and all the money generated from it was also taken away with it by Envato. You can ask the refund from them. Also according to the policies of Envato we are restricted for further distribution of the app to anyone, if we do that our account could be terminated.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ok thank you for your answer. Then I try to get refund from envato. If you didnt get the money envato should pay back. Certainly I dont want you to get terminated with your great other templates. I understand that. But envato should pay back.

Sorry posted twize


Just wanted to know of you could help me with the eclipse set up so that I can edit code etc.. So I can buy this code

You just need to have proper working Eclipse. And Jdk and JRE of the Java version installed. If you have previously worked on any android app then these are already installed. No additional software would be required to run the code.

Yea that’s the point.. I have not set up anything previously.. apart from a bit of Corona and IOS development. So I am new to the android side,

Perhaps a bit of visual guide would help you. There are lot of videos on youtube that explains that.
Eg –
You can see any other if you want. Although it a very easy process. You just have to install Eclipse. Download Adt for it. And install JRE and jdk.

Hi, how do I change the colour of the fonts? I have changed it at DataHandler but it doesn’t reflect when I run the game.

Thank you.

Hi, thank you for your reply. I have been trying for hours how to disable. Could you be so kind to explain in detail how to disable the leaderboard?

Check your mail

Thank you for getting back. You have the BEST support!

I have some problem for importing. for example; in 100marbles-android -> src -> com.creativedroids.marbles100 ->

package com.creativedroids.marbles100; // on p and public class MainActivity extends AndroidApplication implements GameHelperListener, ActionResolver { // on ActionResolver

and the problems (errors) said that :

-The project was not built since its build path is incomplete. Cannot find the class file for com.badlogic.gdx.Preferences. Fix the build path then try building this project 100marbles-android Unknown Java Problem

-The type com.badlogic.gdx.Preferences cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files /100marbles-android/src/com/creativedroids/marbles100 line 1 Java Problem

Replied in your inbox

what do you use for json export of glasses

Replied in your inbox

I’m importing the code into android studio but when I run the project, I’m getting this error: ..../_100marblesandroid/src/main/java/com/creativedroids/marbles100/ Error:(28, 8 ) error: cannot access Application class file for com.badlogic.gdx.Application not found Error:(30, 28) error: cannot find symbol variable this Error:(45, 3) error: cannot find symbol variable super Error:(47, 3) error: cannot find symbol method requestWindowFeature(int) Error:(48, 3) error: cannot find symbol method getWindow() How can I resolve this?

Ok if you want to ask any questions related to project then please login with that account from which you had made the purchase. In future your questions will not be answered unless you comment with that account. Also 100 marbles include libgdx (without gradle build) hence it cannot be incorporated directly into android studio. You either have to change it to gradle build or need to use Eclipse.

Hello when i import the project there are errors

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 2.59.20 PM.png

replied to your mail

hi author. i leave email for you , but there is not any reply, please reply me for resolve my issue.

dear 10 days gone, and there isnt any reply from you, not even in email and not here also. this isnt fair service mark from you. sad

do you have android studio version?

for now we don’t have for this app.