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Hye Virtuti and thanks for this package! I just have a question about the homepage 2, because when i try to change the youtube url the video doesn’t launch itself and just opens me a message on firefox about my flashplayer config. Here is a screenshot about my case : http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/503242Capturede769cran20130502a768004251.png I really need your help abour this one please :)

Thanks for the fast answer and yes i’m working locally :) I’ll try when i’ll upload it and tell you.

Fine, thanks!

You know, I do not remember exactly what and how but it seems me that it is possible to set permission for local page and get it working locally too. Try Settings on this alert.

How can I put the buttons (pager) inside the image?

The buttons that change the slides and yes I was talking about placing them inside the slider.

Ok, I see. You need to work with blueberry.css.

thanks for the help. I have one more question and hopefully you can help. I am trying to add a php file into the page 1 where all the content exist but its not showing up. Is it possible for me to do this?

The sub-navigation is bit quirky in FF 21.0. When I hover over Services the sub-nav appears and then immediately disappears. Please fix the issue. I’m interested in buying.

Hello, thank you for your interest! Probably it depends on certain mouse or hand behavior, I made a short screen record on FireFox, seems it works normally: http://screenr.com/MvUH Anyway, if you do not like this very script or css solution (I used both) you can always replace the subnav with another script or rework current css styles, thank you!

is there supposed to be an IE specific css file?

Hello, I have included a link to ie (<!-[if IE ]><link rel=”stylesheet” href=”ie.css” media=”all”/><![endif]->)–in case your project will require fixes. But stylesheet itself does not exist since there was nothing to fix in my demo for IE. So if you will need to repair something for IE simply create a file, entitle it “ie.css”, insert the required fixes and upload to server. You can specify in above mentioned link which version of IE (I put it general “IE”) you want to target, if you will need help in specifying IE version drop me a line. Thank you!

Hi Virtuti, purchased this 10 CSS Layouts. The Homepage 2 YouTube function just stopped working on several installations all at once. I was receiving some Adobe Flash Settings error for youtube.googleapis.com. Is there a fix for this? Seems like something changed at YouTube and not on the local computer browsers.


Myrin New

Hello, plays for me in normal way (Mac-Opera, Chrome). Sound and stop video both work normally as well.

New question. I see the new demo doesn’t have YouTube video in upper fold. Is there a bug with this? Also, I’m still using the older version with video and would like to auto-play the video on load. Is there a parameter in the .js file that can do the trick?



Hello, which new demo please? The demo is all the way the same.

In regard of your question: as far as I remember tubular.js has no such parameter (however, I suggest you to check their website again (http://www.seanmccambridge.com/tubular/). You may try YouTube API (it does have such parameter) in conjunction with the script. Best wishes!

Hi Virtuti,

I have a problem with layout transition between portrait and landscape in ipod and iphone (not sure about ipad yet but suspect same).

There’s no problem from portrait to landscape, but when going from landscape to portrait, the page is offset to the left of the screen – I think this is because the extra width used for landscape is still present.

Is there a fix for this – css, js or whatever?

Thanks in advance ;)

Hello, I tested on iPhone 4S only, no problem with it, transition is proper. It is not a problem of css (since everything is built in percents and layout matches any screen size and mode), however it might be a device problem. Did you try to refresh the page after transition from one mode to another? If you refresh, does everything become normal?

I take from you ignoring my question that there is no fix – or product support for that matter – I’ll rate accordingly and won’t buy from you again. In addition, I will report the product faults to Envato support, because said faults make your product unfit for purpose.

Buyers BEWARE.

Hello and thank you for purchasing–inspite of your unkind words. I hoped you know that support is not obligatory at all here, however I do that, often for free. I am just unable to reply when I am ill, on vacation or when rockets boom over my head. All this is mentioned on my profile.

I also do not care how my item will be rated, if you put 1 star, I am not upset, it is your right and attitude. Just I think that you might look into my profile and read my notification before getting angry. We authors, have no opportunity to communicate buyers and inform everyone personally. Next time when you will buy a template (not from me, from any author here), take a minute to look into profile and ensure that may be some notification is left. However, if you do not get support, accept it as it is–Envato rules state very clearly support / help terms.

Anyway, thank you for understanding. Wish you the best!

Hello Virtuti – Off the bat, my words are not unkind in any event. In context they are reasonable – my opinion is that negative issues fundamental to any product should be addressed – anything else is just plain rude.

I was not angry – frustrated maybe, but not angry.

What makes me slightly angry though, is witnessing the contempt you display to reasonable complaints – in the first instance, regarding the issue I reported and second, that you were seemingly not prepared to help figure out the issue.

Closing thought – I could just as easily be leaving positive comments.

Hey I love your work.. I have a video working but I need it to auto play with sound on be default.

This can be done easily with youtube but how do I put the switches in the mission-control.js ???

Please respond asap.

Hello, thank you! You can view all parameters on tubular script site: http://www.seanmccambridge.com/tubular/ I do not see autoplay in the list but you may try YouTube API and try to add it to the script.

I have tried everything. I cant get the video to loop or replay.. if anyone knows how please share..

What happened with the menu in demo? http://c.alex-v.com/S2vG

However, on 1024 it is still horizontal as you see.

It converts into vertical one at 800px breakpoint. Your screenshot is a portrait view (1536:2dppx=768px).

If you are going to buy it I assume you know html/css and are aware about media queries? If not, I do not recommend you to buy html templates.

Hi virtuti, I have tried everything to get the tubular video on my site to loop or replay. I am now in trouble if the video cannot play or loop I will have to scrap this project and start with some of the other full video scripts which I reallly don’t want to do. Hers the site with the video on it: http://langleybrentworth.com/testsite/

This is from the mission control.js: $().ready(function() { $(‘body’).tubular(‘CwKnwpDFQD4’,’wrapper’); });

// Play/Pause
$('#videoPause').click(function() {
    if ($(this).hasClass('videoPaused')) {
    } else {
    return false;
// Mute/Unmute
$('#videoMute').click(function() {
    if ($(this).hasClass('videoMute')) {
    } else {
    return false;
// Nuke video (for slow connections -- stops loading entirely)
$('#videoStop').click(function() {
    return false;

Pleeeeeeaaaaassssseeeeee please try to help figure out how to autoplay… Many thanks. Troy

Hello Troy, I already replied this question in previous comments.

So, you have few choices: 1) try to combine YT API with Tubular script (I never tried, cannot say whether it is easy to do or not),

2) set selfhosted video (like you see on my Bonbonzine theme on ThemeForest) or

3) add to YT video responsiveness to display it full-width (example of code you have for smaller side videos in the template) + appropriate settings (YT API) for autoplay and weak or silent sound (like you see on my Malleus Maleficarum template on ThemeForest).


can you pls guide me ? which tool i can use for edit this template. Actually i have used Frontpage for edit this templates but i am unable to edit.

Hello, thank you! Any HTML editor with source mode is fine, I use Aptana, but it really a matter of personal preference. –I am not sure Frontpage has source mode, has it?

Hi Virtuti,

I am trying to create a page with full width content. For example if I eliminate the right column blocks of ‘general page version 2’, I am left with ‘class=”leftside” column. Try as I might I cannot edit the ‘leftside’ class to expand to full width. Am I missing something? Your layouts should include a full width page.


Hello, just modify markup and css according your needs. Thanks.

Can’t you just make the .leftside width:100% instead of 66.6666%?


Thanks for the tip. Much appreciated. Can’t believe I missed the individualstyles.css file. All good now!

Hello, I am afraid, I do not understand. Thanks!

thx for this wonderful work! :bashfulcute:

Thank you!

Thanks a lot! So many uses. You should do another one soon. Just a quick question. Why did you name it La Piovra? Are you in the Mafia? Hahah just kidding but I thought it was curious. Great job and best regards.


Thank you very much! Yes, maybe I shall make another one, there are few new technics available since time I made this one.

It’s a Mafia of mobile devices!:) Nowadays desktops seem to be vintage objects and turn into collectible items:) In fact, it was done just after watching the movie, I was under impression about Sicily and named it just because of the movie:) Thanks again, best wishes!

Hello! Got your 10 Responsive All Devices Layouts in the shopping cart and ready to order! I plan to use Dreamweaver CS6 or CC to create a website. I’ve bought added support. Any comments or hints? I see you have sold many items here in Envato. Congratulations! Thank you in advance.

Hello, thank you! You are welcome to ask any specific question.

Hello, I hope you can understand that I already purchased this item in my account and without checking it I had purchased it again. Can you please refund me the $6 for one of them. I am sorry about the confusion…..

here is the purchase code of the double item….. d0d0d358-809a-417c-b7df-486914d49577

Hello, I am not a seller, I am an author. Seller is Envato, please talk to Envato about this.

Hello .. I hope you have great sales at this site .. Follow me TOO :D