10 Responsive All Devices Layouts. Set. HTML5.

10 Responsive All Devices Layouts. Set. HTML5.

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Set of 10 website pages-layouts can serve as a base for full website that fits all screen resolutions. Written in HTML5, calculated in percentage.

You can assemble pages and inner blocks of markup according your needs by simple copy-paste from one file to another. Each HTML page comes in separate folder and accompanied with specific stylesheets (general, individual, for small devices).

Includes next features:

  • Full-width resizable static image+boxes.
  • Full-width resizable YouTube video+boxes.
  • Full-width resizable slider+boxes. Slider may contain images, video, texts.
  • Toggling boxes.
  • Resizable modal windows.
  • Resizable table (turns into blocks on small devices).
  • Contact form and micro data.
and more.

Set has basic design with few CSS3 features + few js options. Set includes:

  • 3 versions of Home Page
  • 3 versions of Portfolio Page
  • 3 versions of General Page
  • Contact Page

Folder includes HTML, CSS, jQuery, images files.

Tested in:
  • Desktops: Mac and Windows (Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox (latest versions) for Mac, Chrome, Firefox, IE8 for Win)
  • Tablet: Samsung Galaxy 10.1
  • Mobile: iPhone 4S

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If you have questions please post them via comment box. Thank you very much for viewing!

31.01.2012 update: drop-down submenu added. Two versions are available: Homepage version I–menu item Service offers js powered submenu (ul.child-menu), menu item Folio offers pure CSS submenu (ul.small-menu). Choose any method for drop-downs that you prefer more.