10 Hand-drawn Cards | Greeting Card Collection

10 Hand-drawn Cards | Greeting Card Collection

About the Collection

I’d like to introduce you to a multi-purpose collection of e-cards, covering the most popular celebrations and congratulations. All cards contain animation, drawn in pencil. The trick is that you can set the colors of the “pencil” yourself. Each card contains its own background music, which is performed on the marimba. These cards were made with HTML5 Canvas technology. Thus they will be displayed on any modern device that has Internet access.

List of Cards

  • Cake card (Birthday, anniversary, housewarming and other celebrations)
  • Child card (Birth of a child, first tooth, baby shower, other baby-related events)
  • Christmas card (Christmas, New Year)
  • Easter card (Easter)
  • Flower card (International Women’s Day, birthday, wedding, any spring holidays)
  • Halloween card (Halloween)
  • Heart card (Valentine’s Day, love letter, wedding, International Women’s Day)
  • St. Patrick card (St. Patrick’s Day)
  • Thanksgiving card (Thanksgiving Day and other autumn holidays)
  • Winner card (win, award, graduation and any other achievements)


  • 10 cards for the most popular greetings
  • Separate background music for each card
  • Animation made in pencil style
  • Your logo
  • Responsive
  • Customizable colors for everything
  • Customizable text formatting
  • Customizable dimensions
  • Customizable number of the animated objects
  • Customizable set of colors used
  • Customizable framerate
  • Exclusive art
  • Original images are black and white, all colors are set programmatically
  • Graphic sources are included
  • Advanced users can add custom graphics and animation
  • HTML5
  • All platforms
  • All modern browsers
  • Google fonts
  • Documentation in pdf format