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can add more photo

Hello, you can add more photos if you have Construct 2 (r207 or higher) but it’s a little complicated. Documentation on how to add more levels is not included and I do not plan on adding anymore photos currently.

This is great. Can more images be added easily? Is there documentation? An admin panel and the ability to add levels would be great!

Thanks flexluther. Adding new photos is a little bit complicated and there is no documentation on how to add new images. Maybe in the future I’ll add more pictures + documentation hot to add your own.

Hello, the sources are ready to upload on iPad to play localy? It is full html5, if yes I thing it was possible. Can I build an Icon (a shortcut) to launch the game (in iPad safari I suppose)? I need to load Construct to modifie the pictures? Thanks for feedback.

Hello, sorry but I have not tested exporting to any apple products, so I cant guarantee that will work correctly on an iPad.

•Icon is not included but you can build you own from any pictures or graphic from the game.

• To change pictures you’ll need licensed Construct 2, because it’s the only way to modify hitboxes.

Thanks for your interest & have a nice day :)

Ok, any possibilities to test an exemple on my iPad?

Hello, finaly I purchased your file. It’s work fine on iOs but not in off-line mode at the moment, I try to find a solution on forums. I push the html5 folder on ftp and access to index via Safari navigator in full screen: works great. BTW, I hope I was easy to modify the Construct2 projet to change 2 thinks:
  • Only 1 pictures on menu (not 9)
  • Less than 10 differences (maybe 7) I dont know Construct2 and I’m going to learn a litle bit :-) Thanks you, I will be back via the support if I need help.


It is easy to delete the 8 others images and let only one on main menu?

It is easy to change the number of errors, 7 in place of 9?

It is possible to change the time before out?

I open the file in Construct2, it was really new for me :)

Thanks for feedback.



1. You can change first layout in Project settings. Just click on Project name in Projects Bar, than in Properties Bar and change the First Layout to lvl1 or lvl2 … (it works only after exporting)

2. Go to Game Sheet and expand group “Hit Difference”. In the last row find this: Self.Height+(HEIGHT/10) . Change number 10 to any number. Lower number = less errors.

3. Go to “Time & Result” group. In the first row find this: Self.Height+(HEIGHT/6000). Change number 6000. Higher number = time goes slowly.

I hope it helps. (sorry for my bad english)

Hello, I hope too. I will test quickly. Your english is better than mine :)

I have the free version construct 2, is it enough for customize the game? And also can i edit the number of the “differents” & the timer of the game?

Thank you so much.

Sorry but the .capx project exceeds limits in free version of Construct 2. So you have to purchase personal version of C2 for editing the project. Then everything is customizable.

Hello, thanks for your feedback. I dont find where I can change the picts, also how can I move the errors area? All the images are not good visible in the Construct project. Maybe I need to change something into the preferences…

Many thanks for your help Soda

Everyting is right with your comments but how can change the total errors in the bar? I always have 10 white bullets and when I find all my 7 errors it’s never finish. I’m searching into the soft without success… Maybe in “Time and Result” I find Win – 10 differences found but no number to change to seven… Thanks for help, much appreciate

Check your email.

hi Where can I modify the number of differences in the picture? i need only 5 differences not 10 .

  • i have Construct 2 with business license thx and sorry for my bad english

Hi alebd3,

go to Game Sheet and expand group “On Start”. Find event “Repeat 10 times” and change number 10 to 5.

Your English is definitely better than mine :)

thx if we need to add a score levels result . can you do it and how much cost ?

Thanks for your interest, but I am sorry, I do not do custom work.