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Pre Sale Question: I see the feature to give users workouts and then the users can record their results.

My question is when they enter their results lets say 15 reps, 88 KG etc. where does this data go? Can they see the logs THEY enter easily. The demo site doesn’t clear that up for me. I enter a workout and enter results but nothing happens. And i don’t see any buttons that would resemble the user workout logs.

After entering workout user can see own entered workouts by clicking on view button from workout list. User can also enter again own workouts from add workout tab. User can’t resemble own workout but can add new workout for same day.

Hi, pre sales question please… I have a client with two locations need a number of trainers to be able to schedule their own personal training sessions for either of the locations and show this as a calendar to all trainers. Is this possible? thanks


glennplm Purchased

can you give me a ballpark figure and how long it may take? thanks

Please click on support tab and send us email and I will get the quote for you.


dblaco Purchased

Hi I noticed, before purchasing, that there was an example membership for couples. I cannot figure how to add multiple people to the same membership.

My apologies for that membership label “couples membership”. I think because of that you have got some misunderstanding.

But at the moment we do not have multiple people to be added for same membership.

Does this plugin intagate with buddy press and the exsiting member data already on use

not at the moment.


I’ve been on the hunt for a good plugin or solution for WordPress that would give my target audience (fitness professionals) a tool to use to run their booking/billing system.

Here’s what most need:

- recurring billing for either a set amount (for example “8 classes”) or unlimited amount of classes each month. - tracking that would deduct the amount of classes/appointments used from their amount (if not “unlimited”) - ability to have schedules for different staff

Most of the people I know in this field currently use a 3rd party service such as MindBodyOnline or Zenplanner. However, these services are quite costly each month.

I know there are a number of booking plugins out there for WordPress, but as of yet I haven’t found one that allows customers to automatically buy a package of services (classes) each month. They seem to only allow for purchasing individual services on specific days one at a time. I’m looking for something a bit more automatic.

For other packages, like 8 classes/month, the system would deduct a class each time one was used and prevent access to making reservations if all 8 classes were used within a month.

=>More than on person can reserve same class for same time ? After completion of 8 class. He will renew or purchase new package?

Yes. Multiple people should be able to book a class. There should be an option to limit the number of reservations as well. Each month, the packages should be set to automatically renew.

it can be done with customization. Please click on support and send us email and we can get you the quote.


samym Purchased

Can you please guide in detail, how to integrate SMS into WP GYM? For eg: I want to notify members about their fee payment via sms. Please help.

your support seems to have expired.


dema7 Purchased

Hi, Pre Sale Questions… I’ve tried the demo, great plugin! I have two doubts:

- I’ve read that is possible to disable certain modules for members, is it implemented or does it need customization?

- I would like to let staff members add members, is it possible? This is the most important thing.

Thank you very much!

- I’ve read that is possible to disable certain modules for members, is it implemented or does it need customization? => You can easily disable modules for members from Admin side access rights settings Module.

- I would like to let staff members add members, is it possible? This is the most important thing. => At this moment staff member can’t add member. But it can be done with customization.


dema7 Purchased

Hi, thank you for your reply, for the second part (let the staff add members), can you help me?

Thank you again!

sure. we can get you quote for that if you send us email by clicking on support here on plugin page.


gas7a Purchased

Hi, Is it fully translateable? I need it to be completely in spanish. and secondly, Is it compatible with multisite network wordpress? Thank you!


gas7a Purchased

Hi. I have bougth it. I couldn’t translate it. I made all the translation with Poeditor in spanish. Then named the gym_mgt.po to gym_mgt-es_ES.po and followed the instruccions inside the plugin (define language inside wp-config, etc) but it still in english. Any help?


gas7a Purchased

Fixed it with a plugin called “Loco translate”. Thanks!


gas7a Purchased

Hello. When I login with a member credential I can not see the plugin. The same happens with the Staff member users. What can it be? And I found out that there are some words that can’t be translated.


samym Purchased

when plugin used there comes an error 404. What is the issue?

please click on support tab and send us your wordpress admin and ftp details. So we can check it properly. Also please purchase support package as your support is expired.


samym Purchased

Email not getting to the user when adding a user. What is the issue?

we are checking on that.

Please click on support tab and send your wordpress admin and ftp details. So we can check it properly.

Pre-sale question: IS this white lable? Can I add my logo to the system instead of using your logo? Thanks

Yes. You can change it.

Hi !

I have a couple fitness plans on my website that i was marketing so far with a membership plug in. When i saw your WPGYM i tought of it as a much better way on my side to handle everything and on the client side for the design and options. The thing is i can’t find a way to enter a full fitness plan per membership type. The only option i’ve actually seen so far is to enter each session one by one for each client which is not going to work at all regarding the number of workouts my clients get (not even talking about what’s inside).

So my question is : is there a way to enter a full fitness plan (for 6 month or a year) and for a membership type or for a group ? Honestly if there is not then i have no use for your plug in and will ask for a refound.

Thank you, Looking forward to read your answer !