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Hi my name is Oswaldo and I am using Jupiter Template, when I installed your plugin Wordpress stop working. How can I fix this problem?

hi oswaldopz, can you please give us access to your site? please mail the credentials to thx alot!

I have WP 4.6, does your template support, really awesome Coming Soon template

hi kanz thank you for your question and your nice words. yes its supporting wp 4.6. cheers and have a great weekend

Hello. Can you please help me the plugin isn’t working right anymore. I tried adding a button but it doesn’t show up on my mobile device and now the entire site is not showing properly on my phone.

hi pubshack, thx alot for reporting your issue and of course for buying Soonr. Can you please send an email to with the link to your site + login credentials to your wordpress dashboard, so we can have a look? Thx in advance!

I just bought this plugin. Styles do not work , logo do not work. It has basic front page which is fixed. What is going on? Why you have so many style and i can’t see any images in that source code supplied. No rainy day style. Nothing. What is going on?. Do you have another file to download?

Hi trs2014 thanks alot for purchasing the Soonr WP-Plugin. If you don’t mind please send us the credentials to your wordpress site ( and we will have a look. The images (due to restrictions from envato) are not included (this is stated in the item description), hence the documentation tells you where they can be downloaded (they are freely available). cheers

Hi there,

I have just purchased your coming soonr theme. It’s looks great. However, I have one problem:

I configured Mailchimp and when a user submits their email address to signup to MailChimp it generates a PHP error message on the landing page – stating that the signup process uses a ‘depreciated’ PHP method of connection.

My website is running on PHP 7 and I don’t know which version of PHP your plugin is coded in, but can you please issue a patch? I don’t want people seeing an error message when they signup.

Many thanks

HI shyam27, first of all thanks alot for your kind words and for purchasing Soonr. Could you provide us with a link to your site (please send it to thanks alot :)

Hi shyam27,

a quick fix would be setting define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false); in your wp-config.php . Do you know how to do that ?

If this does not help, just send us credentials to and we can fix this quickly.

Best, Thomas


On phones the countdown only displays “NaN” for the time. How to fix this?

Dear MSglol thx alot for buying Soonr. Can you please tell us which phone (android/iphone maybe even the browser) you are using? thx alot in advance. cheers

Hi again. I’m using iPhone 7 plus, but have the same issue on android as well. Also, How do I get the Norwegian language file to work?

Dear MSglol,

can you send us at least the webpage it is affecting ? it is really hard to guess what causes the issues.

Basically, as i understand it, you want to show norwegian language and it does not work (showing strange signs like??? or ? Does this have to do with the countdown or is this another problem ?

If you do not want to publish it here, just send it to .

Thanks it advance, Thomas

Hi guys, I love the plug in and have been using it for sometime. For some reason now when I go to use the countdown I get an error message every time saying I need to use a valid date. I click a date from the calendar like I’ve always done and it still won’t allow me to use the countdown.

Hi lifeashayes,

thank you for purchasing Soonr and your kind words. Can you send us credentials to so that we can have a closer look? I sadly failed to reproduce the problem on my installation.

I think then we can fix it easily ;)

Thanks in advance, Thomas

Hello CREATEBRILLIANCE, I currently have the soonr plugin installed and it’s working great except for one thing. The newsletter form is not registering the emails that are being entered. We have entered the correct api key and list ID from Mailchimp, but they are not being populated. Please help. Website is

Dear emmanuelleymarketing, sorry for the delay. is this still an open issue? cheers

I have a feature request. To redirect a user to a custom page when they subscribed.

I noticed that the optional page WYSIWYG editor don’t support shortcodes. I tried using a contact form 7 shortcode but all I encountered was literal txt [contact-form-7 id=”5976” title=”Contact pagina”]. Why is your plugin restricted?

Dear supaTroopa thanks alot for purchasing soonr. did you insert the shortcode in the “text” or the “visual” mode of the editor? thx alot

It should not matter where you place it. WP detects shortcodes in visual and text mode. I tried both of them. None of them works. Used the same shortcode in the post/page editor and it works perfect.

Try installing Contact Form 7 and try it out for yourself. Your plugin doesnt seem to support shortcodes.

Is this your average response rate: 9 days? I wouldn’t pay for extended support if you let paying customers wait ±1.5 weeks for a response.

Still waiting for a reply… your service is quite poor.