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can this use thumbnail images on the table view taken from each rss article?

this template has no support of showing thumbnail images on the table view.

nice, but If you supported thumbnails, I would buy this script. It’s hard to get people to “click through” without image support in the feed. thanks!

Thanks , I will change it in the next update and inform you too asap.

any news on thumbnails?

We are working on it and 80% is done. Thanks


I am interesting. I have no mac, no xcode but has a developer account. Please let me know what should I provided ?

thanks a lot


Thanx, We will send you today all informations per email.

I am sorry I did not receive anything from you. I want create news from this RSS . please check it

okey i received now your mail, and will send all informations today. thanx

Hello, just wandering if you have a video tutorial on customization, any video showing how to add things around to customize them, i mean all of your templates. i am very interested

So i need to buy many extended if i wanna sell to more clients ?

i am talking about the finish app, cause i plan on using my Appstore account to host these apps for you clients.

Yes You need to purchase more extended licenses if you plan to sell to more Clients but alternative we can give you multi ise license for a Price, than you do not Need purchase everytime this template. Please contact us per mail from our contact form and we can find a best Solution. Thanks

Hi! As always a good job, I have already put you 5! On my wordpress site it works! I have a question – if I am not a wordpress site, and any other, you will work with RSS or not? And if so, how will need to configure it? or just change the link? Thanks in advance

Hi, Great. I am happy to Heat it and appreciate it a lot. It works with allso other websites (not only wordpress) that has allready rss. Yes you need just change rss URL in app and that’s all :) thanks

Ist es vielleicht auch möglich ein example mit einer StoryBoard hineinzustellen? Wäre toll!

Das wäre auch gut, aber zur Zeit sind wir total mit anderen Projekte beschäftigt und vvlcht nächste Monat schauen wir nochmal an. Danke

Danke für die rasche Antwort:)

does the app includes push notification?

Hi, at this time there is no push Notification integriert. Thanks

Hello i’m looking at purchasing your ios rss news app.

On my wordpress site I have posts tagged with different categories. would I be able to select from a list of these categories using the app? Also does app notify when new rss items are created?

Thank you

Hi, new rss Article will be added automaticaly. No Push Notification. You cann add main rss feed link . If you can send me a link per mail i can send you Screenshot how döes it look like. (Mail us from our profile’s contact form) Thanks

you have demo for woocommerce?

Hello, our customers have published this app but we do not know links of the apps. App can download and present any type of RSS feed and can show with build-in web view to get more website clicks. This can be Woocommerce feed also any other website RSS Links