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Seems to work. But not all Artists are showing an image. But the artist is on the Last.fm. What could be the issue??

Images comes from LastFM image pool, if player shows no image for a song or artist, it means may be song name is not correct or lastFM image pool not included this. But if happens unnormally for more songs, send me a link and also a ftp access to your player folder for more check.

Hi I did buy this script. I am using shoucast stream:

But the player does not work. I did try before buying, it was working in the demo.

Also I did open player.js and fill the required field as stream url and port and radio name.

No result.

Can you give me support on this please.


Still wait for your answer… Please for being respectful for your buyers.

Hi there, i already tested your server under online demo and it worked with:
port: 8199
Shoutcast V2.0 – Beta Version sid1


Just got this player, doesn’t work at all? Need your help please. If not support and as it’s not working I will ask for a refund.

make sure your server has all requirments, after this it should works, if not let me know your radio player url and ftp access to player folder via my profile page, and in case of refuned i have no problem, you can ask envato support for this.

Hello, I am told that on mac does not feel the reader!

Hi there,
I already test it with Mac and also IOS and both shows me the songTitle and History, send me an email with more details like radio URL, i will check this.


Does this support Icecast v2?

Hi there, you can test your Icecast before Purchase here:

The one thing that was not perfect about this player is that it sends the whole artist + title string to Last.fm so it often does not find a picture.

Since I am OK with showing the artist pic, I altered the code a bit so that it sends the artist name only and retrieves the artist pic (all my mp3s are tagged: artist – title, so the dash is a useful seperator). This is the altered code I used in search.php (rest of code stays the same), notice it’s now search for artist instead of track:

$artistfull = $_POST['name']; $artistpart = explode(" - ", $artistfull); $get = file_get_contents('http://ws.audioscrobbler.com/2.0/?method=artist.search&artist=' .urlencode($artistpart[0]). '&api_key=' .$API_KEY. '&format=json&limit=1'); $get = json_decode($get); if($get->results->artistmatches->artist->image){ foreach($get->results->artistmatches->artist->image as $image) {

when replacing the ip and port, it transmits windows, iphone, android but “google chrome” does not ring. But with the ip and port by default. if it sounds on android! What would be the problem?

I already answered your support email.

I have no email response

It’s strange!
anyway try to send en email again and i write you back.

hello, does not work my shoutcast radio, icecast

You should send me a link to your radio URL+ ftp access to your player folder to check this.

i mean a link to your player not shoutcast url, you need customize player with your url and uplaod it under your server and then send me a link that i can see the player online.

LastFM AlbumCover [Track search API] Stopped working , is there a work around for this.

Hi there,
Currently i’m not able to log into my API account by their server, wrote their support and will write here soon as i recieve a feedback.

Hey, it seems they’ve changed API methods for getting AlbumCover, i updated the player files to work again, there is a notification email for all users when update version become live. I still not able access my API-Key Panel under their website, it means only user already have API Key can use their services!

hello i cant get my album cover to work..i already set my api and nothg..can you help me pelase?

i already set the amazon api key but still nothing

sorry for my delay answer, but this player works with LastFM API not Amazon API. As mentioned in Player page, i released this for users don’t want use Amazon API service with monthly cost, LastFM serivce is free.

i actualized the script for you :)

below is the modified “search.php” <?php include 'fm_api_key.php'; $SongTitle = $_POST['name']; $get = file_get_contents('http://ws.audioscrobbler.com/2.0/?method=track.search&track=' .urlencode($SongTitle). '&api_key=' .$API_KEY. '&limit=1'); $trackInfoXML = simplexml_load_string($get); $trackInfoArray = objectsIntoArray($trackInfoXML); $tracks = array(); if (is_array($trackInfoArray['results']['trackmatches']['track']['image'])) { foreach ($trackInfoArray['results']['trackmatches']['track']['image'] as $image){ $res = "<img height="100%" width="100%" src="". $image ."" />"; } } else { $res = "<img height="100%" width="100%" src="images/noCover.jpg" />"; } echo $res; ?>
missed to post the included function in the above code … //*********function************************************************************************************* // Convert objects into an array function objectsIntoArray($arrObjData, $arrSkipIndices = array()) { $arrData = array(); // if input is object, convert into array if (is_object($arrObjData)) { $arrObjData = get_object_vars($arrObjData); } if (is_array($arrObjData)) { foreach ($arrObjData as $index => $value) { if (is_object($value) || is_array($value)) { $value = objectsIntoArray($value, $arrSkipIndices); // recursive call } if (in_array($index, $arrSkipIndices)) { continue; } $arrData[$index] = $value; } } return $arrData; } //**********************endfunction*******************************************************************
Thanks fro your effort but not sure if you have the last update of player, if you download it, we have in search.php: <?php include 'fm_api_key.php'; $SongTitle = $_POST['name']; $get = file_get_contents('http://ws.audioscrobbler.com/2.0/?method=track.search&track=' .urlencode($SongTitle). '&api_key=' .$API_KEY. '&format=json&limit=1'); echo $get; ?>

hi! the sound player can be disable ? i only need the LastFM image :) i already have a ajax player in my site

This is open source, you can use only grabRadioInfo function in player.js, this only loads AlbumCover and History List without streaming.

I just changed from Shoutcast V1. Type 2, to Ver.2 and now album art is not displayed. What do I need to change to get album art to display again, now that I use Shoutcast Ver.2 instead of Ver.1 Type2?

Disregard. Sending support request instead.

already answerd your support email ;)

Hi, Its possible for you to send a version which just play radio and show default album image? , I noticed when current song is not available at shoutcast, player´s script looks for current song and like is not available, album image area doesnt show any image

Thanks in advance

Hi there, for AlbumCover you can disable it as in help file explained: In Player.js
ShowAlbumCover = true/false;
but player do needs current SongTitle otherwise it shows an empty text place.

Thanks for your reply. Would be posdible to disable “current song title” , because, when current song is empty, player still look for that info in a eternal loop without any image at cover album area, included default nocover Please advice

The player main concept based on grabbing songTitel, disabling this need code changes, such customizing will cost you extra. If you do need this contact me via my profile page.