PHP-Javascript Shoutcast and Icecast V3.0

PHP-Javascript Shoutcast and Icecast V3.0

Important: First Try to create your LastFM API Key before Purchasing This.

Please check your radio Server with Online Radio Test before any Purchasing.

Important:Online Radio Test may shows other player, if your radio server works there, it will also works with this player because core classes for grabbing SongHistory and History are the same.

This is a resizable PHP – JavaScript Shoutcast Player with current Song Title, SongHistory including last 10 played song and also AlbumCover in a TEASER form.

General Help Instruction

Check also Player V1.0&V2.0+Amazon AlbumCover API

• PHP5 Server
• Browser JavaScript Enabled
• Your server should allowed opening your radio port(ask your server host about this)
• under PHP server settings: allow_url_fopen should be Enable

Player jQuery Settings are as follows:
$radioURL = like “”
$radioPort = like “80” or “6096”
ShowAlbumCover = true/false;
AutoPlay = true/false;
radioName = “YOUR RADIO NAME”;

Important Informations
AlbumCover is optional and need a free “LastFM API KEY”
Radio Stream should be in MPEG format, no support for AAC/AAC+ stream

ShowAlbumCover = true
Player will show AlbumCover in teaser area.
ShowAlbumCover = false
Player will show a PNG image(Your Radio Logo for example) in teaser area.

Browsers Compatibility
• Chrome – Full Function[Except HTML5 Sound for Shoutcast Type 2.0]
• Safari – Full Function
• Opera – Full Function
• Firefox – Full Function
• IE9 – Full Function

• jQuery
• Sound Manager 2.0
• LastFM AlbumCover [Track search API]
• Devshed PHP Shoutcast Class