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i have interest,but can i know how to put lyric ? and have any tutorial ?

Ok,so .mp3 file is using local phone ? have any tutorial to do this ?

can you put some more screenshots and manual? is it an app, can we put it on the app store? does it have admin panel?

have put a demo video on youtube,thanks

One question. Where are the lyrics? Can the app load it from network? or may be included in the package?

lyrics is in the package ,you can put it in someplace…

I think you need put search buttons for this app. I will buy it if it have some more functions

the songs are in the phone or in a server?

the songs and the lrc both in the phone

Hi, how can I make a lyrics and put in this code?

you can use lrc software to make it,or you can download lrc file from internet…

can u give the name of this software? And please show me how can load this lyric in ur code?

May i can use this app for read the Bible ? You need make the search button and sub lists..

is it for iPad Compatible too? is It Universal App? Thanks

no,now just support iPhone,thanks.

hello … am contacting you to know how to enable auto layout, on the page of the app shows codecanyion this option, however, in my xcode 5 it does not work. second, also has a function poorly executed the button loop and random. would like to know how to have these functions performed well, since the app does not have manual. thanks for attention.

ok,I will fix it.

I want to update the app since I ocomprei with auto layout.

have fixed and submit to codecanyon

I would like to use Arabic lyrics Is it compatible with it or not??

please email to me example ,and I will test it.

hi i purchased the sms group text a while back was looking to still work with the project as i got a new computer and do not have the files however you took it off the store. could you send me an email danielsmith10@mittymonarch.com or contact this email. i have the license for purchasing the product 8 months ago or so

you can download it from ‘Downloads’,thanks.

yeah thats why i posted this. the item is listed under downloads however it has a message explaining it has been taken off the store. could you perhaps resend the script to phpbeginner10@gmail.com

ok,I will send it to you.

can i open with Xcode 6 ? interested

hello, did u tried it in arabic lyrics ?

i sent it, may you check please

can not get them from this website :http://www.citsrw.com/code/,please check it,thanks.

just sent you another link

Hi bro, you can create android version ?

sorry ,no plan for android version

hi bro can you create android too i will pay you more.. andi want some customisations also.. !! i have the ui assets..

app has ios9, iphone6s+ screen resolutions support?

I just downloaded this. It turns out it does not show lines that are overflowing. Can you please fix this.

android version..? please make android version

android please :D