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hello there can i use this ap to import news from mfeeds from my website?

Hi ! I made this app to be easy to use. For the news i have create a XML file, you just have to enter the values of your news and put it on your server. But if you have some skill on iphone development you can do what you want with this app :) Have a good day !

my site (www.applemania.gr) has feeds (i suppose this is xml based) does tyhis app uses storyboards or nib files?i am thinking to buy this…

My app use .xib files :) if you want to use your own xml file, you are going to have some modifications to do. Have a good day :)

Looks nice, is it able to change the colors ? Is it able to send pushnotifications ? How many News can I get on one page ? Maybe add Albums for Pics & Videos ! But it should be easy & fast to add several albums with hundreds of pics

Hi ! Yes you can change the color :) i haven’t make the push notification but you can do it. The news page is a scroll view, so you can have a lot of news ! Have a good day !

I can delete the MAP ?

Hi ! Yes of course if you have a Very little skills on iphone development. Have a good day :)

You can orient me to do this ? I know css, html and some PHP

Hi ! You just have to delete the mapView, and change the position of the contact button :) it’s Very simple,


Did this application will pass the approuval step of apple, if i present my company ?

ok. So a photograph application, showing is portfolio and his news, do you think it’s gonna be approved ?

Yes like that ! I think my app can be ok for the App Store, but i can’t be sure because it’s Apple …

Hello, I have a question to the newspage (TableViewCellNews): The Label (Label) is static – is it possible to insert the specific News-Title instead of “Label”?

Hi ! oh i forget a line on my app. I made an update right now. You can fix it with this single line :
cell.text.text = [titleArray objectAtIndex:indexPath.row]; Put it after this line :
cell.image.image = [imageArray objectAtIndex:indexPath.row];
in :

Add me on skype if you don’t find this : moncocopilote Have a good day !!

Thank you – that work for me. I Have another one: The XML Record <websiteurl>http://www.example.com</websiteurl> has no effect. The Button still open your Website.

Hi :) You have to change the url here :
On the 3 ViewController :
  • HomeViewController.m
  • NewsViewController.m
  • ContactViewController.m
I haven’t put method for the website on the xml yet. Have a good day ! and don’t forget to rate my app if you like it :) ( 5 stars please :) )

Hello, I want to call the cubecontroller based on certain location parameters. So for example, if a user crosses a certain location, the screen should change automatically if the app is open. I have the location part figured out, I need to know how to change the screen automatically without invoking swipe. Can you help me?

Can you add me on skype ? it’s will be easier :) skype : moncocopilote

Thank you so much for your stellar support!! You were willing to jump on Skype and help me debug and Its great to see such customer support!!!!

We were happy to help you ! Have a good day :)

Hello, could you add a push notivication function? And would the app acceppt by app store on apple if we would publish that??

Hi ! for know i am going to make an update but i can’t tell you when because i have a lot of work. And you know, with apple you can’t be sure an app will be accept :) have a good day !

Is there any thing special I need to be aware of if I want to add an additional controller to the app?

Is it just a matter of bumping the index from 3 to 4 and add the include for the new controller. Also update the xml file.

Hi !
You can add a new controller very easily :)
Made some update on the “AppDelegate.m” file and it’s ok !
Have a good day !

Support needed. The program breaks down if the number of controllers is greater than 4. I need to have a total of 5 controllers. I can not seem to determine the problems with numberOfViewControllers variable.

Thank you.

Hi !
I just try to have 5 ViewController and it’s work.
Can you tell me more about this error ?
Or add me on Skype, like that we can talk more quickly :)
My Skype : moncocopilote
Have a good day !

Hi, I just purchased the code. How do I test new xml files? Do i have to have the hosted on the web?

Hello !
You have to change the xml file, upload to A Web Server, and change the url on the app :)
If you have some issue add me on Skype : moncocopilote

can you maybe suggest a good free webservers to do this?

Sorry, i don’t know free WebServers.

Hi, unfortunately this app doesnt really support Iphone 4 in terms of UI .. Is there a way to enable scrolling in every page that way it wont really matter in which Version of Iphone ur using?

Hello !
like i write it on the description this app is for iphone 5,5c and 5s.
sorry but what you ask is custom work and i can’t reply to you here.
. I’m avaible for freelance work if you want add me on skype : moncocopilote
have a good day :)

Hello again Moncoco,

i’m getting crazy to change the cube effect transition.. how can i change it into something more simple like a slide effect?



Hello !
– The all app is based on the cube effect. You can do it but it’s a lot of work. You have to change a lot of things.
– It’s for that reason I put other app with other design.
Have a good day :)