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@marcoscabineanimada Only if you are logged in to the site, you can access without admin login I have no found other solution

you’re right!

What I missing in this script is a way to see how many visitors a photo has become.


The Last update is : 30 June 15

- Is this script still Valid in todays web browsers

Are themes in PHP format or HTML. Thanks

Sorry for late answer.

- Works fine in modern browsers - Themes are php files.

how to display slideshow on page instead of homepage

Sorry for late answer. Its not possible. We’ll have a new version soon!

Great to here you are working on upgrade!

can you help me with nicedit image upload, since it’s not working…

Sure, please, email me


lavg85 Purchased

Since I bought it I had no problem, until I gave him share an image on facebook. Then I wonder, how can I change your name to mine. Because it can be confusing to share a photo of my intellectual property and say by Jonatan Froes instead of Luis A. Vélez González. I add a reference image, I hope you can help.


studio97 Purchased

Yes this is possible Check this: themes/{your_theme}/views/partials/header.php

fix it in the line <meta name=”author” content=”Jonatan Froes –">