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Good app but i need app with notification feature. Can you add notification feature ??? We have lot of app one this forum no one have notification feature. You app will good if you add notification feature

Thanks .. Yes you can contact on mail about this features


You don’t have permission to access /classify on this server. Server unable to read htaccess file, denying access to be safe

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

what is the solution for this ?

Hello sorry for late reply i was on leave because of new year please contact me on mail i will solve all your problem don’t worry. Thanks for waiting..

Your application is crashing due to old code. even not able to attach the image in posting add section.

Hello sorry for late reply i was on leave because of new year please contact me on mail i will solve all your problem don’t worry. Thanks for waiting..

Hey did you update notification feature?

yes please contact on mail

Would parse be suitable for the backend? or is there a more suitable backend provider that you could recommend?

Currently in this app as a backend php and on our web server. But if you need parse backend in this please mail me for customization we are ready to that so please contact me on mail

the app crushes wen running and generatied apk stil crushes kindly help

Please check mail i just sent you my skype id for support


I’m interested in buying your application, but I have some questions: 1 – the backend app is installed where? 2 – What Bas this app support?

tks dude

Hey Backed is based on php and install on your domain server. Android studio and eclipse base application.

You can direct contact me on mail for any kind of information or support

Hola, me gustaría hacer unas preguntas antes de decidir comprar:

1.- Cuando un usuario realiza una publicación, cuantas imágenes puede subir? 2.- Es posible limitar el número de veces que un usuario puede publicar? 3.- Es posible administrar usuarios (aceptar, suspender, eliminar)? 4.- Cual es el límite de usuarios para la app? 5.- Es posible personalizar la app con colores corporativos y logo? 6.- Es posible incluir el idioma español?

En el caso que alguna de estas características no estén presente en la app y tenga que personalizarla, cuanto es el precio y el tiempo de entrega?

Hello Tansolo, All of your customization is possible and we can do it very easily as per your requirement. Please contact me on mail hkinfoway@gmail.com

Thank you

Dear developer,

Why I can’t login to my app? I created account successfully and I tried to log out, but when I try to login again the app said “No records found”. Please help me. Thanks!

Reply in mail :)

Your application is crashing . even not able to attach the image in posting add section.

Hi how can i change the language of this app. Also i want to know how can i get the apk file.

If you want to talk by email give me your email because i don’t found it thank

HI. Your backend server is crashed? The demo app don´t function. Please correct it.

HI again. Now it´s all right with your backend, but :

1 – the app crashes all time! Stop when i touch in some ads who don´t have a photo in product. 2 – I can´t signup. Show-me : opps insufficient data! I like post a ads to test. 3 – Can I disable some search filter? Use only Keyword and not City? 4 – When I testing reply to salesman, the app crashes too.


After purchasing contact on mail i will help you

I have a problem. At the launch I get the following error: E / ServiceHandler: Could not get any data from the url Thank you for answering me

Hey Right Now my server is not working so this problem is appear . you must need to configure all code on your web and after that you have to change url. If you still not solve then please contact me on mail i will help my best

We want to present you the newest package we have ready for you:

- Classified ads website
- Classified ads mobile app (iOS and Android) + market submission on your account
- Custom server solution, hosted on your server, no 3’rd party solution involved

Please send us an email at we@swepps.com with the text ‘CLAS’ if you want to learn more about this great offer and we will get back to you with all the details you need to know.

We look forward to a successful working relationship in the future,

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mail sent

can i receive ‘apk’ file? mail: vision312@hanmail.net

There is some problem with my server so my current demo apk is not working

Im having trouble working with the app and i need some special configurations. So help me

Yes please contact me on mail

This app I trash developer is a scammer. I ask for help because project wouldn’t work in Android Studio and he wanted to change me $1200 to help me get it working DO NOT BUY!

This is mail that i got from buyer. he totally want new app design + Change to new backend With Back4app. so i ask him to new development charge.

We are not providing any customization in free.

We are IT company Not any NGO service. :D

Hey I’m looking to make changes to the app to match my iOS version that i currently have i want to add the following ApI (https://www.back4app.com) also here is my iOS version so you know what i mean (https://appsto.re/us/jY3Scb) Let me know ASAP

we are looking for android app for http://www.yuplee.in/ , is your script support our website

yup please contact me on mail

Not suport BULGARIAN LANG!!!!!! I not hapy ;(

for customization please contact on mail