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Hello, I jumped over from AudioJungle to seek your advice. I’m new to Wordpress and am finding it difficult to find a plugin (or combo of plugins) to meet my needs.

I specialize in sound effects. I’m wanting to start a blog to chronicle my work. At the same time, I’d also like to sell my sound effects (those not sold on Audio Jungle). Several plugins for that, but here’s the kicker:

Audio Jungle has an audio player tied into their referral system. So I can use their code generator to tie a sound effect to a player, get the code and add it to my blog. It works great. But finding a way to incorporate these players alongside an audio marketplace seems tough.

What I’m hoping to do:

I’d like to have a page similar to Audio Jungle (or any website that sells sound fx/music) that lists all of my sound effects with sound sample. It would have categories (transportation, household, etc) and, since it could grow to thousands of sounds in the future, it would need to be searchable. If someone likes something, they add it to their cart and purchase from me. HOWEVER, I would like all my sound effects that are uploaded to Audio Jungle to ALSO be listed seamlessly with the rest, with the ability to use the referral system (they click “Buy” and are taken to the Audio Jungle page to purchase, instead of directly from me).

Sounds kind of ‘mission impossible’ to me. But from what little I’ve been learning, I thought maybe it might be possible to use some type of audio gallery plugin tied in with an e-commerce plugin. So far I haven’t found anything workable. And maybe instead of using the Audio Jungle player, I can just someone use the code from it to create my own buy button. More long-term work, but doable I think.

So…does anyone have any ideas how I might pull this off? And specific combo of plugins that could work? Or does this sound like a custom job?

Thanks so much for your help and wisdom