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If you have a dual screen setup, then you probably know that you don’t have double taskbars across monitors (without installing separate apps to ‘emulate’ such things), not to mention that the support for dual monitors is poor even in windows 7.

But Windows 8 Release Preview (released 2 days ago) does a great job so far, I’m using it for like 2/3 days as of now and I can say it’s great, it could be better but for now is just fine.

A bad thing about this is that there is no Start menu anymore, but in time you just get used to it, or atleast I did (okay, almost…).

How about you? Are you open to dive into Windows 8 PR (which is pretty stable), or the final version…?

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Wish I had time :(

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I have installed Windows 8 CP and DP,...

It’s so disappointing (not just the START menu) that they are trying to copy Android by making that odd Log in/Sign in when installing at the first time (you need a Hotmail account) and the Store Market are not working in our country which is in Europe!

So, to bad for Microsoft, I will never use it in real way, just for development environment/testing purposes in VirtualBox.

Regards ;)

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I don’t find anything odd about it. Every mobile OS has a “protection screen”, and Windows 8 is a mobile OS that happens to do Windows. And you don’t need a Microsoft account to use Windows 8. You definitely lose some services, but the OS is fully functional without it.

I’ve had at least two machines running Windows 8 since October 2011, and I really like the OS. The loss of the Start button isn’t a big deal to me; I never used it because it was always faster to use the Windows key on the keyboard.

I would be using the Release Preview full time if it weren’t for some driver issues.