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I am looking for someone to do a little custom work for me. I need an existing XML gallery to get the images and thumbnails dynamically instead of editing an XML file. My Gallery is here:

http://studiojet.net/test/index.html (go to the “Gallery” page)

The images on the left scroller are categories, (which would be each directory)

I have seen several examples of exactly what I am looking for, so I am hoping to get a developer that has already done this, because I am not looking to pay someone to write it all from scratch. The gallery is already built and all the AS2 actionscript is well written. Basically looking for someone to provide the PHP file and adjust my actionscript to pickup the categories, thumbnails, and images from the PHP file instead of the xml file. BTW , my Gallery shows “text” accompanying each photo…this can be ignored; I’m not looking to include any text…just the images only.

I know I can do this myself if I spent the time, but I also know someone can knock this out much quicker than me. I can afford to pay $50 for a completed and working project.

Thank you, Joseph

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If you want to, send me FTP details to that site. I can upload a script which will read out the images from multiple directories and pass them as xml to your existing system. 90% chance we wont need to change your existing flash file, apache .htaccess redirect the xml file to a php script.

Payment of $45USD in full via paypal before script upload. You can email me at themeforest@blueteddy.com.au if you have any questions or would like to proceed.

Cheers, Dave