WordPress Plugins That Do Cool Things

My name is Mike S, and I develop cool WordPress plugins and websites with a common theme. See something awesome and think it would fit a cool plugin? Then let me know via the contact form

Pics Mash Image Rating Plugin

  • Facemash image rating WordPress plugin “Pic Smash”
  • Find out which media image on your WordPress website is the best voted by your visitors
  • Instantly recognisable by millions of people
  • Featured in the hit movie The Social Network
  • Engage your website visitors with your website images
  • 10x more pageviews


Which is better?
  • Hugs or Kisses
  • Chicken or Eggs
  • Pizza or Potato
  • Love or Money
  • Football or Rugby

Have you ever wondered which is the best? Now you can find out by operating a “You Rather” type voting and polling section to your website. Find out which is best based on opinion polls of your websites visitors.

Is A better than B find out results of A/B testing using this plugin.