Gamebird Studios Inc.

Professional web studio offering various web solutions for developers and web site owners. We are small local company doing out-sourcing projects for various clients. We offer large range of services for both clients and developers/designers.

For Developers

You can contact us if you need:
- Coding services/help. For any CMS plugins, addons, reviews, QA testers that includes all that are offered on the marketplaces.
- Design help, colors, spacing, styling problems, style reviews, typography management,cross-browser testing or revision (rework)
- A HTML template to be converted to a CMS for commercial or private use.
- To rework your product, make it move, jump, breathe

For Designers

Don’t be afraid to drop a note if you are looking for:
- Help with the coding, a shoulder to cry on :)
- Someone to code your idea, HTML, WordPress or any CMS, plugin or complex application
- Resources for designers – icons, tabs, effects, fonts, ideas

* We are working for percent monthly for commercial products sold on Envato's 
or other marketplaces for non-commercial or products for private use we are 
working as freelance contractor. 
** If you need a commercial product for sale without 
monthly payment our base price for the product is the extended price for the product
multiplied by 4

For more information: http://gamebird-studios.com
Live Contact & Ticketing: http://support.gamebird-studios.com
Email: office[at]gamebird-studios.com


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