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Calculating your income

When you sell an item on Envato Market, the total purchase price is made up of your item price plus Envato’s fee to the buyer. You’ll earn your item price minus any Envato author fees. Those author fees are dependent on whether you sell exclusively and your all-time sales to date. The more you sell, the more you’ll make.

Envato Elite

Envato Elite

The best of the best authors make it into Envato’s Elite program. If you’re a high flier you can look forward to exciting rewards ranging from advertising, care packs, extra marketing, and eventually maybe even a trip to space.

Yes, you read that right. Space!

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Envato Market Affiliate Program

The Affiliate Program

Envato Market affiliates earn a commission equal to 30% of the first transaction a new buyer makes.

Our top affiliates make tens of thousands a month.

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