zSnow - Jquery/HTML5 snow animation theme

zSnow can make your normal website into a winter/christmas theme! With more than ten options to choose from, you can make it as unique as possible. Each flake is programmed, calculated and generated to behave different than the others. The flakes are easily modifiable PNG images drawn in PS.

Users can enjoy your website even more by playing around with the flakes as each one is completely different and interactive. They will play a tone and fade away as the user hovers them.
  • Simple easy setup just one line of code
  • Can cause Blizzards or casual Flurries
  • Allows manual snow start or Automatic
  • Each flake is interactive
  • Plays Jingle Bells as the user hovers a flake
  • Can show flake counter for mini game
  • Can easily be modified
  • Can replace snow image with any other image
  • Each flake is randomly generated to behave different
  • Works on all browsers

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