YouTube video player with playlist

YouTube video player with playlist

MooTools 1.4.5 plugin that embeds YouTube player into any page and attaches a playlist to it. Fully compatible with JavaScript files from Joomla 3. Playlist can be created from single YouTube videos, YouTube user playlists, playlists or YouTube queries. It is touch enabled and supports YouTube’s HTML5 player. Has fallback capability from Flash player to HTML5 player in case the first isn’t available. Compatible with all modern browsers and iPhone/iPad.

Create playlist using

  • single YouTube videos;
  • YouTube user playlist (retrieved based on user ID);
  • YouTube playlists (retrieved based on playlist ID);
  • YouTube search queries (any query you want to search for).


  • touch enabled;
  • continuous playing ( playlist repeat ); this can be set as default or by user’s choice;
  • repeat video;
  • set video volume ( individually or for all videos );
  • individually set behavior when video ends;
  • setting to load video paused or playing when clicked in playlist;
  • set if the first video should start playing on page load;
  • possibility to set what information to display when movie ends ( available for search, related videos and info );
  • toggle playlist;
  • playlist mouse wheel scroll and touch scroll;
  • set repeat individually for every video ( can be set from script or by user’s choice );
  • videos can be retrieved based on YouTube user name, query or playlist ID;
  • all CSS is external;
  • display thumbnail of currently playing video;
  • display rating of currently playing video.


HTML changelog version can be accessed here: MooTools YouTube player changelog. An XML version of the changelog can be accessed here: MooTools YouTube player XML changelog.