WTStats v3 Statistics & Analytics Script

WTStats v3 Statistics & Analytics Script

WTStats v3 it’s a PHP script which tracks visitors of the registered websites, displaying the statistics of the visitors, along with charts for comparisons and more.

Video Preview: What does the script?

Count the traffic from a registered website and give details about the following:

  • Displays the statistics in real-time (auto update)
  • Top Pages (Shows the most visitated pages)
  • Top Browsers (Show what browser uses the visitors)
  • Top Country’s (Show from where the visitors come) (Chart included)
  • Top Operating System (Show the visitors operating systems)
  • Top Best referrers (Show wich websites are the best referrers)
  • Top used resolution (Show’s the resolution of the visitors – e.g. 1280×800)
  • Top Search engines
  • The latest 10 visitors (or more) (This mod is based on Mark’s mode but with the ip’s and country’s included in the databse for speed, and another ip render).
  • The best keywords (Show wich keyword are the most used by the visitors that land on the monitorised website)
  • Traffic type comparisons: Compares different type of traffic wich was delivered to the website.
  • Traffic comparisons: Displays comparisons charts and % of the traffic.
  • Graphs and charts on every statistic page.
  • Features (including all from the above )

  • Cross-browser compatible.
  • Every statistics have it’s own page
  • Registration with reCaptcha
  • Advaced Private Statistics for the users (hide all, or only certain statistics).
  • MultipleButtons, you can set multiple flavours of buttons for your users so they have to chose from.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE! This script is not compatible with my other WTStats script, as the core files were radically changed, and the MySQL structure too.

    Requierments: PHP 5.3, MySQL, Apache + reWrite module.

    Update 1.3 [12/27/2014]

  • Improved the IP Country detection (updated to the latest GeoIP Country database)
  • Improved the latest browsers and operating systems support (updated Browscap)
  • Added some new icons for operating systems
  • Update 1.2 [12/31/2013]
  • Improved the latest browsers and operating systems support (updated Browscap)
  • Improved the latest visitors live system
  • Update 1.1 [8/4/2013]
  • Fixed some issues with the Admin Panel.
  • Minor improvements to the stylesheet.
  • The script works only on domains/subdomains (not on subfolders).