WP Valid Email

WP Valid Email is a Wordpress plugin which offers suggestions to users who mis-type their email address when entering it on your website. This is a common problem and can lead to loads of missed subscribers and customers. WP Valid Email will offer suggestions for the most popular domains and the user can simply click the suggestion to replace the mistake. You can also enable email suggestions on the Wordpress login form (wp-login.php) which should minimize support queries and forgot password requests significantly.
The plugin is fully customizable and will work on any form, even gravity forms and other form builders. You can also customize the appearance of the suggestion message to fit in with your own website style.


  • Automatically correct user email input mistakes
  • Can suggest all popular domain names & easy to add more
  • Choose any form fields to check for valid emails
  • Easily customize the appearance of the suggestion message CSS
  • Check Wordpress login form as well
  • Fully supported, professionally written and regularly updated software


Built Wordpress 3.6+ and always updated to the latest version.


Just install, activate and go! For customizing, see the settings page.

About the Demo

This plugin is installed on our demo site for WP Full Stripe. Just try entering an invalid email on any of the payment forms to see it in action.


As always, there is full support available at:http://mammothology.com/forums

With Thanks

With thanks to the guys at Kicksend for their awesome open-source jQuery mailcheck code.

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