WP User Management Plus - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

WP User Management Plus is a WordPress plugin that gives you massively improved control over your users when compared to the default WordPress User Management functionality.

Currently The default WordPress user management functionality is limited in how it handles your misbehaving users. This new plugin has been specifically designed to give you the control you need when managing your users.

Have you ever had problems with users misbehaving? Well with WP User Management Plus you can now take action against these users by suspending or even banning them.

By installing WP User Management Plus not only do you gain the ability to better control your troublesome users, but you can now also improve the experiences of your user base by punishing or removing pesky “spammers”, “trolls” and offensive users.

Here is an overview of the wonderful features that WP User Management Plus adds:

Suspend Users

The ability to suspend any user for any reason that you see fit.
When suspending users you choose the number of days that they will be suspended for and also note the reason for the suspension. The user will automatically receive a communication via email informing them of the action taken and the reasons for it. To make the suspension as effective as possible users username, email address and IP address are all suspended.

Ban Users

The ability to ban a user who seriously breaches your rules.
When banning users the user will receive an email informing them of the action taken and the reasons for it. To make the ban as effective as possible users username, email address and IP address are all suspended.

Ban / Suspension Templates

When users are banned / suspended, if they login to then they will redirected to custom banned / suspended pages that display information about the action taken against them; such as date of action, by whom and for what reason.

Ban / Suspension History

A list of banned and suspended users is viewable by admin users, this displays key information on why the action was taken, when it was taken and by whom.

Customizable Email Templates

This plugin provides four email templates with multiple template tags that you can easily customize. These emails are sent to a user when they are suspended, banned, unsuspended and/or unbanned.

Monitor Users Activity

Additionally, you can view the last 10 pages that each user has visited on your website as a means of monitoring their recent activity. This displays the page URL visited and also the exact time that the page was visited.

The default search function in the “Users” admin area has been improved to search through all user data instead of just the default basic username and email data.

Full Multisite Support

WPUMP is fully compatible with WordPress multisite installs. This means that the network admin can ban/suspend users from the entire network and normal admin users can ban/suspend users from their individual blogs.

Full Localisation

WP User Management Plus comes with complete support for multi language use via .PO and .MO files so that you can use the plugin in the language of your choice.

Plugin Updates and Support

This plugin comes with an auto-update feature that ensures that you will get every update as soon as they are available. Additionally you will receive access to our free support forum to ensure you get the best help possible.