Version 1.6.1 -  10 April
    [+] Better integration with newest WP version + better support on working with many other plugins
    [+] hotfix on javascript to work properly with more themes.
Version 1.6 - 7 April
    [+] Added better support for the newest versions of jQuery
    [+] Better & more stable display
Version 1.5
    [+] Added New Administration Panel Settings
    [+] Added New Theme Extension Options
    [+] Added Option to control de devices where to display
    [+] Refactored Front end code specific to Wordpress, works 25% faster now ( rewritten )
Version 1.4.1
    [+] Better Support on Theme Extension
Version 1.4
    [+] Better Admin Interface
    [+] Add, Edit, Delete Custom User Nodes directly from admin
Version 1.3
    [+] Added New Animate.CSS Library
Version 1.2
    [+] Added Effect Groups
    [+] Added 10 New Fresh Entrance Effects.
Version 1.1
    [+] Added Theme Extension Support ( Themes can talk to WP_Story_Box and Extend it )
    [+] Added Administration Panel, adding more support for certain effects and the Theme Extension Support
    [+] Fixed a possible crash when selecting multiple effects at once.

Why WP Story Box

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Wordpress Multi Site Support

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