Manage your ads the easy way!

The “WP PRO Advertising System” Wordpress Plugin allows you to manage advertisements on your Wordpress site. It has many powerfull features to put advertisements on your website, manage advertisers, campaigns, banners & adzones, track clicks, impressions & CTR all in just a few seconds.

If you are looking for a simple, easy but very professional way to manage advertisements on your website this plugin is what your looking for!

- The “Buy and Sell Ads” Add-On is Back!! A completely New and Improved version!
- Compatible with “Visual Composer” Add advertisements to your website the easy way!


What a great ad manager, definitely the best one available! Look no further than this one. It’s easy, flexible and just about perfect! Rated 5 stars!
- xboydx
Thank you for really great plugin! It works great and I use it extensively! you got 5 stars!
- miskostanisic
THANKS for your support… Highly recommended. I wish other developers on Code Canyon were as responsive as you.
- chrisparksaz
Really enjoying this plugin, everything is working well! Thanks Tunafish, five stars!
- ResonateTruth

Manage Advertisers

Creating a profile for each advertiser gives you a clean overview.

Manage Campaigns

Create multiple advertising campaigns for each advertiser. this way you can combine multiple ads together.

Manage Banners

You can choose between 3 options to add banners.
  1. Upload a banner from your computer
  2. Link an external banner
  3. Paste HTML Code (adSense, iframes, ...)

Manage Adzones

you can place adzones anywhere you want on your website. As soon as you link a banner to an adzone it will be visible on your site. Adzones can be any size. There are 4 ways to add adzones to your website.
  1. Template tag: a PHP function you can include into your template.
  2. Shortcode: a shortcode you can use inside your posts/pages.
  3. Widgets: Use the custom Pro Ads widget to show your ads in the sidebar or widget areas.
  4. Iframes: this option even allows you to take your ads outside of the main website. Now you can place your ads on every website you want but still control them from 1 admin panel!

Track statistics

keep an overview of how many impressions/clicks your ads get and calculate the CTR for every banner, campaign and advertiser.

Buy and Sell Add-On

Make sure you check out the “Pro Ads Buy and Sell” Add-On. This plugin adds more options to the WP Pro Ad System. It allows you to sell ad spots and lets users manage their own campaigns and banners!

Create Banner Add-On

Make sure you check out the “WP Pro Banner Creator”. This plugin allows you to create banners directly from your website to use with the WP Pro Ad System!

localization files

This plugin uses localization files for translating the plugin to any language.

Online Preview


WP PRO AD SYSTEM V3.2.5 August 30 2014
  • Plugin is now compatible with Visual Composer! Advertisements can now also be added to your website using the Visual Composer.

WP PRO AD SYSTEM V 3.2.4 July 26 2014

  • Added the option to add rel=nofollow to the links.

WP PRO AD SYSTEM V 3.2.3 February 28 2014

  • Fixed possible banner update issue.

WP PRO AD SYSTEM V 3.2.2 February 08 2014

  • Fixed possible javascript issue using Italian translation.
  • Fixed issue with statistics.

WP PRO AD SYSTEM V 3.2.1 December 09 2013
  • Fixed problem with wp_enqueue_media not existing in older WP versions.
  • Added the absolute image path to getimagesiez() after file uploads.
  • Added the Buy And Sell option to Multiple banner adzones.

WP PRO AD SYSTEM V 3.2.0 November 26 2013

  • Fixed problem with Adzone Code IDs.

WP PRO AD SYSTEM V 3.1.9 November 11 2013

  • Text ads can now be visible in statistics. clicks, Impressions and CTR.
  • Improved the way banners are saved and previewed.
  • Updated issue with pro_ad_display_multiple().

WP PRO AD SYSTEM V 3.1.8 November 10 2013

  • Improved the way the ad zone code and options classes popup is loaded.

WP PRO AD SYSTEM V 3.1.7 November 9 2013

  • Added the standard WP Media uploader to add advertisements for admins.
  • Improved the way standar uploads are done.
  • Improved the way transactions are saved. for the Add-on Buy and Sell ads.

WP PRO AD SYSTEM V 3.1.6 November 8 2013

  • Updated some CSS code.
  • Some improvements in the code for the Add-On Buy and Sell Ads.

WP PRO AD SYSTEM V 3.1.5 November 7 2013

  • The “Pro Ads Buy and Sell” Add-On is Back!
  • Updated the code to allow the “Pro Ads Buy and Sell” plugin to add more options into play!

WP PRO AD SYSTEM V 3.1.4 November 5 2013

  • Started Updating and Cleaning all PHP code.
  • Started moving functions to Classes.
  • Improved ajax loads using the Default Wordpress method.

WP PRO AD SYSTEM V 3.1.3 November 3 2013

  • Improved the load time of the banners admin page.
  • Added link to Flash fallback images.
  • Started cleaning up some php errors from wp_debug mode.

WP PRO AD SYSTEM V 3.1.2 October 10 2013

  • Removed the buggy plugin updater.
  • fixed the display:none; issue on banners to show after Ajax Load.
  • Added the option to use clickTag for the links in flash banners.

WP PRO AD SYSTEM V 3.1.1 September 10 2013

  • Fixed: edit adzone problem.

WP PRO AD SYSTEM V 3.1.0 September 8 2013

  • Fixed the function so campaigns get started when they have to.
  • Added the option to keep using the old stats instead of the new stats version who needs to reset all stats first in order to work.

WP PRO AD SYSTEM V 3.0.9 September 4 2013

  • Updated the way statistics are handled to prevent high database loads. Thanks to “W Nunes” for helping out with the changes.

WP PRO AD SYSTEM V 3.0.8 September 3 2013

  • Fixed: edit adzone problem.

WP PRO AD SYSTEM V 3.0.7 August 31 2013

  • Stopped counting impressions & clicks from search engine bots & spiders to prevent high database loads.

WP PRO AD SYSTEM V 3.0.6 August 20 2013

  • Fixed database rows issue with ad zones..

WP PRO AD SYSTEM V 3.0.5 August 14 2013

  • Fix for possible issue with adding advertisers. ( problem with databases not allowing empty entries ).
  • jQuery fix for Iframe adzones.

WP PRO AD SYSTEM V 3.0.4 June 10 2013

  • Updated tooltips in banners page.
  • Added the option to disable statistics.

WP PRO AD SYSTEM V 3.0.3 May 03 2013

  • Improved widgets output ( $before_widget and $after_widget variables added).
  • Added Responsive AdZone option.

WP PRO AD SYSTEM V 3.0.2 april 19 2013

  • Improved link around Flash Banners.
  • Added custom CSS option.
  • Fixed division by 0 error.
  • Fixed Iframe banner cut-offs.

WP PRO AD SYSTEM V 3.0.1 april 11 2013

  • Wordpress 3.5+ improved code.
  • Added fallback image option for Flash banners.
  • Banner views can now be limited to PPC & PPV values.
  • Improved automatic plugin update system.

WP PRO AD SYSTEM V 2.3 may 11 2012

  • Updated the jQuery dialog code. to fix some errors in some themes who could not delete banners.

WP PRO AD SYSTEM V 2.2 mar 03 2012

  • Code updates.

WP PRO AD SYSTEM V 2.1 jan 13 2012

  • Included a new admin panel named options. Here you can set extra configuration options.
  • Included a function to hide empty adzones.
  • BETA release of the export API. This allows you to embed ads on every website you want, but still control them from within 1 admin panel. this function makes use of Iframes.


  • Included Auto Update option. You will now be noticed when there are updates available and you can automatic update the files from within your wordpress admin.
  • Included timestamp option for html ads. (some ads hosted on big ad providers like google ads. Ask to replace [timestamp] with the current time(). This option enables this.)
  • added custom width/height option to banner settings so you can force banners into a specific size.

  • Included localization files for translating the plugin. Spanish translation included thanks to verasoul.
  • Updated small rotation bug from v1.8.

  • IMPORTANT banner loading update. This update will resolve lots of conflicts with other plugins!.

  • added Banner status
  • IMPORTANT if you upgrade to this version form a previous version you will need to activate all banners.

  • Added Widgets
  • Improved the way redirects are made. Destination url is no longer visible.

  • jQuery Update to avoid conflicts with other plugins and themes.

  • Added jQuery no conflict mode. Plugin can now be used with other javascript libraries.
  • Added a new option called Add-Ons. Add-Ons are single WP Plugins that extend the possibilities of the WP Pro Advertising Plugin. This way you can customize your advertising manager the way you like.
  • since this version (1.4) Pro Ad Region Data is included as a free add-on.

  • IMPORTANT SPEED UPDATE. Ads will now load much faster then before.
  • Extra feature to show multiple ads at once with just 1 adzone (ad grid).

  • Improved the way the ads are loaded. Ads will now be loaded faster.

    NOTE: In order to make this update I had to update the table structure. If you update from a previous installation. Ads will need to be relinked to their adzones!

  • Improved redirect link.
  • Improved the way redirects are made.

First release.