Version 1.9.7
   [+] - When there's more than 15 keywords created, you'll be able to add keywords from the top of the page also.
Version 1.9.6
   [+] - Tables are now sortable.
Version 1.9.5
   [+] - Context Improvements
   [+] - Bug Fixing with certain third-parties
Version 1.9.4
   [+] - The Content Filter Priority Works better with any other plugin
Version 1.9.3
   [+] - Bulk Operations
   [+] - Bulk Delete
   [+] - Code Revision and Improvement
Version 1.9.2
   [+] - Cyrillic Support
   [+] - Greek Support
   [+] - New setting allow Chinese and Japanese 
Version 1.9.1 
   [+] Global setting to color your keywords that are transformed in links
Version 1.9
   [+] Fixed Disable Linking to Current Page to use permalink instead of guid
   [+] New Available Field, Title
Version 1.8
   [+] Disable Keyword to Link on certain pages or posts
   [+] Better unInstall System.
   [+] Code Refactoring for upcoming features.
Version 1.7.4
   [+] Works properly with Czech now.
Version 1.7.3
   [+] Compatible with PHP version 5.5.12 without problems.
   [+] Added a new Settings which allows an grouped view of the links. ( last preview screenshot )
Version 1.7.2
   [+] As Requested : "Track Clicks & Hide Links" is now optional & by default enabled :).
Version 1.7
   [+] As Requested : "Is it possible to block keywords linking to their own page ?" Now you can :).
Version 1.6
   [+] More Settings Option, Limit Keywords per Page, or Limit Each Keywords Per Page. 
Version 1.5
   [+] Better SEO, don't display keywords from h1,h2,h3,h4,h5 tags if you want to ( administrate from settings )
Version 1.4
   [+] Arabian & Persian Language Support
Version 1.3
   [+] Fixed a bug while editing keywords
   [+] Added Better Page Support & Any Post Type Support, removed Excerpt Support
   [+] Fixed an PHP warning
Version 1.2
   [+] Multiple Keywords supported NOW, transform multiple words into a link !
Version 1.1
   [+] Email Address Support, easily transform any keyword to a "mail-to" of your desire   
   [+] Link Open Method, easily chose where you want your keywords to open, in a new page, same page or maybe a new window.

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