WP Flat Visual Chat

WP Flat Visual Chat




Offer quality support to your customers !

This unique chat not only allows you to communicate with your customers, but also to guide them through the pages of the site showing them visually any element.


This version works with wordpress websites.

If you don’t use Wordpress, you can find the Standalone version of this plugin here .


  • Real time AJAX chat
  • Beautiful, flat & responsive design
  • View the page where your customer is.
  • Operators can view online users and initiate chats
  • Operators can visually show any website element to the customer (through the different pages)
  • Operators can use preprogrammed sentences using shortcuts
  • New “Chat Operator” user role
  • You can assign the operator capability to any another role
  • Chat logs management
  • Operator can transfer discussion to another online operator
  • If there is no operator online, a contact form appears
  • Colors are customizable
  • Sound notification on new message
  • Import / Export data tool
  • Customers IP detection
  • See the country and city of customers
  • Texts are editable from backend
  • Multilingual .po ready (French translation included)
  • Automatic updates
  • Reactive support !


  • Upload and activate the plugin
  • Click on the “Visual Chat” menu link to lauch the chat console

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2016-03-15 :
   - Backend console can now be used from mobile devices 
   - French translation added 
   - Minor bugs fixed, code and css improvements 

2016-02-23 :
  - Apostrophe issue fixed in predefined sentences 

2016-02-11 : 
  - Automatic updates system 
  - .po file issues fixed 

2016-01-06 : 
  - New feature : Preset sentences with keyboard shortcuts 
  - Minor improvements

2015-09-16 :
  -  needless settings variables are no longer displayed in the source code

2015-09-04 : 
  - bug on "Chat operator" role fixed

2015-07-31 :
  - New "Phone" field in the offline contact form
  - Bugs fixed with iphone and "Initiate chat" feature

2015-06-26 :
  - Backend css improved
  - bug on “initiate chat” feature fixed
  - issue on texts panel fixed

2015-06-11 :
  - UI Improved
  - Frontend texts can now be edited from backend (it also works with WPML / .po file)

2015-06-02 :
  - The feature “Initiate a chat” can now be disabled from settings, to reduce greatly cpu use
  - Documentation improved

2015-03-18 :
  - Operators can now view online users and initiate chat

2015-02-09 :
  - New button to cancel the selection
  - Translations improved

2015-02-05 :
  - Color of the main button is now editable

2015-02-03 :
  - .po file double sentence bug fixed

2014-11-20 :
  - New integration system
  - Bug with analytics fixed

2014-11-14 :
  - Now ready for translation (.po files support)
  - Color system improved

2014-11-03 :
  - Loading time improved
  - Selection bug fixed
  - Loading of the chat panel improved
  - Display on iPad improved

2014-09-05 :
  - Customers ip detection
  - Logs now display country and city of customer
  - Operators can now see historical of all customers
  - Search field for logs

2014-08-28 :
  - Bounce FX bug fixed

2014-08-04 :
  - Admin can now set the chat position
  - Chat display problem on some themes resolved

2014-07-31 :
  - Admin can now send message pressing “Enter” (and he can go to line using Shift+Enter)
  - Bouncing effect delay increased

2014-07-28 :
  - Sound notification bug fixed

2014-07-22 :
  - Import / Export data tools
  - A sound can be played on new messages
  - Apostrophe problem corrected in texts


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