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A couple of questions: Is it possible to keep the boxes a consistent height? How do I remove the author and date? and last how do I control the excerpt length? Thanks. Great plugin, BTW!

Now having problems, white screen with slide shows and some of the content is giving 404 error.

I can’t find demo content in zip files.

Hi guys i got some issue with the Wp boxer pro. I tried using Wp boxer free version and it was great but it has no css configurations. So i decided to get the paid wp boxer pro version. When i try to use it. The box width option is missing. This option main function is to align your boxes. Please help me and thanks in advance.

Hi, I upload demo XML file. But I can’t see “Block CSS” details. All of them empty. Please urgent help!

Hello; I tried to put 3 boxes in the same line , but it did not work, i have only 2 in the first line and the 3rd went down.

Please help

I feel like this plugin has possibly gone inactive due to the forum being spammed by a spam bot etc.. and no replys on here for a good few months.

Ive just swapped from 2.2.1 to 3.0 (purchased) and there is no way to setup widths for content blocks, this makes it very hard for me as i have hundreds of content blocks and it doesnt seem like there is a way of setting up % for each seperate block which is actually loosing functionality, there should be an option to do both.

Would appriciate some infomation, to try and get my boxes setup on 3.0 as they were before, as even the free version has the old functionality but no css/styling options.


As other people have asked, how do we set the width for the content boxes? On the trial version this was available but since upgrading it’s now disappeared for me.

Is your extension compatible with RTMedia ? Thank you

Amazula Purchased

Sorry cant find xml demo date.please help