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neel Purchased


I purchased your plugin and i am using that on


I am using RSS widget in sidebar. for that i created new view file for RSS widget. Problem now i am facing i want to show few lines of content for each RSS feed post.

I used $item->content to display content. But it outputs “A” for all posts for content. Can you please check.


mmorley Purchased

Ok, I’m stumped… just bought this bundle. Seems to be exactly what I need, but it’s not working.

Specifically, I am displaying an RSS feed. It displays the feed properly, but it never updates. With or without AJAX updating, even after I delete the cache files, even after reloading, it continues to display the same items from the RSS feed.

If I load the RSS feed directly in a browser, or use the built-in wordpress RSS widget, I can see that new items are being added to the feed, but this plugin never seems to see it. If it caching info anywhere else besides the global/cache folder?

davco Purchased

Hello, i just bought your plugin but he doesn’t work properly. I used Rss widget and :

- there is a problem on the accents - when I activate the ajax, display bug in the next refresh

Please help me. David

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PIPno Purchased

Hi! The widgets don`t support Norwegian letters like æ ø and å !! What to do?!