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can i use the plugin on multiple pages and on each page a stream of a client? Can i also dictate what posts should be shown and which not?


The plugin does allow you to create multiple social streams, each showing different social network users. There is an option to manually remove specific posts by adding the post URL to the stream remove option

I am at a loss as to what to do. I sent you my login details and asked for help 2 weeks ago. I still have not received help. Please advise.


We sent several replies immediately upon receiving your support email. I will resend copies

This was the last reply we sent after receiving your login details:

Further to my earlier emails you need to set up facebook and twitter api details in order to show these feeds – see attached screenshot. unfortunately this is unavoidable for any plugin that wants to show facebook or twitter feeds as it is a requirement by the social network. in order to do this you can use any facebook or twitter account to create them and follow the instructions in the documentation listed in my earlier reply.

Once you have created these if you still have problems we will check your settings


darthneo Purchased

Hi, I have installed your plugin on my website with the Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tunblr and Flickr feeds. The feeds show up fine, but the thumbnails only sometimes show up. Most of the time they don’t show up. Only the facebook thumbnails show up all the time. Where and how can I fix this problem, or is this a flaw in the plugin? Cheers, Stefan (when it works it’s awesome btw)


This could occur if you have a javascript error somewhere in your theme. Please send a link to the page via the contact form on our profile page and we will take a look:

ayron Purchased

In instagram, I need to generate a client ID for each profile?


No you only need to create one access token for all of your feeds


Spuntolab Purchased

Good afternoon, i would like ask some information: How can I install the social wall in a wordpress page? thank you very much!!


Create a social stream via the plugin admin page then insert the relevant shortcode in your page or post. Instructions on how to use the plugin can be found in the documentation in the download files from codecanyon. If you have any issues once you have created a stream please send a link to the page via the contact form on our profile page and we will take a look:

ayron Purchased

Hi, Follow the documentation procedure. Then open the link where to insert the social stream shortcode.

The page loads and redirects to another URL but does not provide the token.

Content displayed on the page: {“code”: 403, “error_type”: “OAuthForbiddenException”, “error_message”: “Implicit authentication is disabled”}

Can you help me?


Go to Manage clients under instagram/developer. Then click edit under your app and uncheck Disable Implicit OAuth.


ayron Purchased

Thank you for your support. Social Stream is one of the most amazing features I use. :)

Thank you :)


rdudler Purchased

Hi, I bought the plugin. I can not open the document and have no idea how I can open the HTML file in the browser. Please provide accurate explanation of how do I get the documentation.

Thank you.


If you right click on the index.html file it should give you an option to open in your browser. There is also an online version here:

Hi There, i’m unable to get my Facebook ID.. i’m getting

{ “error”: { “message”: “(#803) Cannot query users by their username (danikupers)”, “type”: “OAuthException”, “code”: 803 }

Can you help me? Greets Dani

Sorry i found it, i used a Facebook Profile , not a Facebook Page ,

OK great


Stardaug Purchased

Can the lightbox size be increased? Seems small.


The plugin doesnt include a lightbox. If you are using a 3rd party lightbox with the social stream you would need to check with the lightbox plugin author

pre sale question regarding facebook . if someone post on my wall , post photo on my wall it will show on your plugin ? what exactly facebook stream will show ? i have page, and want my client to post on my page ( facebook ) those photos will appear on your plugin stream ??


Yes. For the facebook page feed you can set it to display all posts or just the posts made by the page admin

hello, that mean if the user post on my walll it will appear on your plugin ? if the user tag me photo will apear on your plugin ? comment ? can i approve witch posts to show on your plugin? i am speaking just for facebook now . i think all the other ( social) the same !

If a user posts on your page then yes you can set the stream so it will appear in your feed. The plugin includes an option to remove specific posts from your feed by inserting the post URL. Tagging is not relevant since this plugin only displays facebook page feeds, not personal profiles

i will choose if it will open with the facebook post or the relevant link page????

Hi, we have purchase this plugin and it’s working great until a month ago based on the last thumbnails we seem and the facebook stream is not updated anymore new images on the stream wall. Do you have any idea how it might be?