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WordPress Menufication

Hello, I’m using a WordPress Theme (TOP NEWS) which came with Wordpress Menufication Plugin. The Plugin works and looks great but doesn’t work on Blackberry Passport. Do I need to adjust any of the settings to make this work or would any of the Add On fix the problem? Thanks

I want to change the color of the menu button. Is this possible. I also want to be able to add a hover color to the menu items so when a user clicks on a menu item, there is a feedback letting the user know which item they clicked on.

Let me know.

Thanks! Paul

Pre-sales question – any SEO implications with using off-canvas navigation?

I wanted to know if it was possible to not have the menu show the current active page and have everything collapse? Also how can I add hover effects on the menu items? Please let me know. Thanks!

Hi there, does this work with X theme?

Does not work for Blackberry 10 browsers or IE mobile. Developer looks to have ceased development. Buyer beware.

hello, when i enable this plugin, my google ads won’t work anymore on mobile, can u please advise? Here’s the link to my site: http://goo.gl/XMZGSL


Is it possible to place the SEARCH function in the menu bar, without ‘hiding’ it in the menu?

Looking forward to your reply. Thanks!

Hi, i have a problem with your great plugin…

when the #app-side-menu-btn is clicked, a fullscreen appear, with a background-color, z-index and overflow-hidden. Now, i want to close the side menu BOTH from #app-side-menu-btn AND from #overlay!!!

How can I do? Could you kindly help me?


I just bought your Menufication plugin and i cant get it to work. I am using Ithemes builder and no matter what i do the plugin isnt working.

Could you help me some how??

Im trying to get the menu on the left sidebar to be in my menuification menu http://myim.club/dashboard/

thanks Kieron

All features work well, however when I set my logo to a link, for example my homepage, it gives me a 404 Error. Is there a correct way to link your homepage to the logo?