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I can’t get menuification with the Braxton theme to work on my mobile phone when I have a gallery plugin called Easy Media Gallery working. It is a lightbox gallery. Do you know what the conflict could be and how do i fix or can you please suggest an alternative. I must have a video gallery on my website. Thanks!

Hi, great plugin. I got it buying a wordpress template. I just have some visualization problems on android. With several menu items In android chrome the last item is not visible at 100%, and in firefox the scroll doesn’t work. I thought it was a template problem then I tested your demo with my phone and I have the same problem. I took a video recording of it that you can see here ( http://youtu.be/jEexxFt6Pvs )


Any answer??


Is someone there? I got a not working plugin here I asked to the theme authors and they said me to ask to the plugin author. Ping pong, but I don’t know how to fix it. Should I remove plugin and ask for something else?

One of our links is an anchor – so when a user clicks the site scrolls, but the menu doesn’t close. It seems like I should be able to close it with an onClick – but I’m wondering what the function would be. Any help appreciated.


For the record. this is it: $(’#menufication-nav li a’).click(function(){ $(’#menufication-nav’).menufication(‘toggleMenu’); });

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Hi wondering, is there a way to disable the menu from sliding out when a user slides from left to right on a touch screen? Just want them to use the menu icon button.

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Feature(s) request:

Allow the menu to slide-in and “float” ABOVE the existing content, in a different z-axis, instead of pushing the existing content over. I guess you might consider this an “On-Canvas” option.

Permit adjusting the translucence/transparency of the panel, in this “On-Canvas” case.

User-specified open/close icons, Selectable locations.

Great work!


Menu show vertical on normal web browser when I enabled the plugin. and nothing change when i try to see on iphone .. its shows same


Hi, I have some problems about your plugin. Looking for the messages here I’ve noticed that I have the same problems of another user. With a long menu in chrome (mobile version) the last item is not totally visible and if the last item is a submenu when you click to open it, you don’t see the other items, so what you have is kinda nothing happened. In firefox mobile the scroll is not working, actually it scrolls the page portion instead of the menu. The other user submitted a video, maybe you should see it ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNt56JmLQ40 ). I got your plugin buying a theme and its author suggested me to contact you. Can you please help me about this?


I am using Braxton theme. On mobile phones, when I tap to other links in the article page, your mobile menu slides in ( without tapping/clicking on menu). Can you please advise what would be the issue?



Found what appears to maybe be a bug. Here’s how to recreate:

Go to the site on your iPhone or mobile device. Slide out the menu. Expand a few options. Then try to scroll downward on the menu to see the very last item. You’ll notice that the menu doesn’t scroll and you’re unable to see menu options below the fold.

Does anyone monitor this thread??


the menufication plugin is pretty cool – it came with the maxmag theme i purchased.

i am having an issue where activating a wordpress menu within menufication conflicts with optimizepress 2.0 features.

my optimizepress 2.0 pages do not utilize the menufication navigation at all. is there a way i can get this resolved?


Hello, This plugin is very solid compared to the other I’ve installed.

However I really would like to activate a menu, other than the Main Menu or the Footer Menu for the mobile version. The expectations from mobile users are very different, and I don’t think the submenu items of my main menu work.

I’ve tried and enter the name of new menu in the advanced settings ( into the field named “Custom menu element to use as responsive menu instead of a wp-menu e.g (”#my-custom-menu”)”

But doing this removed the fly-out link from the mobile menu altogether. It’s just not working.

Can someone help?

What is the code in css to remove the active responsive menu.. when I activate the plug in and check the box to remove the existing responsive header logo and menu it still viewing. So now I have 2 of everything..? Im seeing other people with this problem but there is no answer in code to fix this…?

Is there a way to disable Menufication from sliding the page over? The reason for this is that it creates an outer element around all markup after page load which sometimes causes AdSense ads to stop working. I’ve had similar issue with ShiftNav plugin, but that plugin has an option to disable the page shift, so instead the menu just slides out over the content. Hoping there’s a way to do that with Menufication as well. BTW I got this plugin with Braxton theme.


I was wondering if there was a way for the links to function the same way as the rest of the li, which would be to toggle the sub-menu. I’ve worked my way around it so it does what I want, but I was wondering if there was some setting or method that is available. Thanks.

Hi Im using menufication for a long time on all my projects One thing i dont get how to do i have menufication above the fold when move it with autooptimize the menu dont work on resize it stays open and wont fold back can you tell me how to go around this and fix this issue. Thanks Luka


above the fold refering to google page speed