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works great! any chance you’ll be adding a ‘download’ button feature


It’s in the backlog. I can’t say when I’ll get to it though.

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Is it possible to change the size of the player?


Yes, height and width adjustments can be made in the settings. There is an interactive example of the settings page here: http://wordpress-media.justinendler.com/

If further theming is needed, you can override the default CSS and markup code with your own. Instructions here: http://wordpress-media.justinendler.com/instructions/

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I completely missed the settings somehow. Thanks for the quick reply!

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The formatting on my audio posts looks really weird: http://gnfchurch.net/th_gallery/sunday-june-23rd-2013/
As far as I can tell, the periods are serving as bullet points to list items in your content. Using the content property is not my favorite way of doing this, so if I were you I would solve the problem by removing the rule. In case you want to bring it back later though, simply comment it out for now:
.widget_nav_menu li:before,
.widget_links li:before,
.widget_meta li:before,
.entry-content ul li:before {
    color: #545454;
    content: "·";
    font-family: "Times New Roman",sans-serif;
    font-size: 46px;
    left: 4px;
    position: absolute;
    top: 7px;

This may remove bullet points elsewhere in the site. If that is the case, message me with the specific pages and I can give you a CSS rule that will add them in a more sustainable way.

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That made the bullet points go away, but the formatting for the audio player still seems to be a little funky.


It looks like you’re using the default CSS packaged with the plugin and some of it is not compatible with the existing CSS on your site. Have you tried enabling the custom styles in settings? Look under Customize Player Style here: http://wordpress-media.justinendler.com/instructions/

Using those settings often resolves CSS incompatibility issues.

hey, I am looking for a player, where regardless of medium (audio/video), the player would stop the previous instance on start of a new. – you can find things like this for only audio. ... question, therefore: can this player be made to stop an earlier call on audio, when another instance starts playing a video?

... then, it would be for me :-)


It currently does not have that exact functionality. Since it supports automatic stopping of audio on playlist players (right sidebar in above link), the groundwork exists to implement it across any player instance. I could give you a hack for your plugin while I build that support in to a release. I’ll be making it an option in case people like it working the current way.

Hi All

Having a few issues with the configuration of the video layout. Running the shortcode on a 50-50 column split and having control problems

1. I have managed to move the volume bar once now I can move it at all

2. I’m running a 16:9 video sample to demo to the client and I cant control the height of the video clip so get black bars top and bottom.

3. Clip duration times I’d like to move away from the boarders by a few pixels…

I think that covers it… Back to working on the site

demo site (still developing layouts) http://gascloud.co.uk/accubateeco/

Thanks in advance for any help!



Good catches! I can confirm 1 and 3 on any install, not just your site. If you’re CSS-savvy, add appropriate margins to .jp-current-time and .jp-duration to fix number 3. If not, message me and I’ll send you a hack until the next release comes out.

For number 2, I can get it to adjust to your specific video, but I would rather send that change to you personally and not post it here. The CSS required is hacky and can’t be assumed to work for everyone.

Thanks for the plugin! I posted further links as a private message, but here’s the link to a page where I’ve added the player to a post and it won’t play audio files: http://photowords.com/wp/radio-stories/california-crime-lab-searches-for-salvadoran-children/

Thank you for any help you can offer! Lisa

By the way, here’s another post where the player doesn’t seem to want to play, a page which doesn’t have any video: http://photowords.com/wp/npr/guerrilla-grafters/

Messaged you. I just need some more details because I can’t reproduce the problem.


I am looking for a video player plugin for my wordpress website. I want my own videos, uploaded to my wordpress site, play in a player that shows my google and chitika ads before people can watch the video. Like a “close this ad and watch” button. Also it needs to offer an embedded code so that other websites can easily use my videos and show my ads. Can your player do that?

Thanks Chris


Out of the box, no. The ads and embed code are not features of the current implementation.

hello! i have a problem with this plugin, i followed all the instruction but see the problem am facing: Warning: The following URLs may not point to valid media files. Any invalid URLs will be ignored by the plugin and if no valid URLs are used, the media player will not display. http://www.albaniagege.info/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/01-SANIN-TARIHI-KUNDIN-TARIHI-MAL-AMINU-DAURAWA.mp4

but sure the audio is working perfectly, therefore if there is a video tutorial for uploading the video expecialy youtube video i will like that.



Hi! Thanks for the purchase! Since the player prefers the file type .m4a instead of .mp4, the message you’re getting is just a warning. In most cases the .mp4 file will play just fine. I think you’re indicating in your message that the file is playing successfully, so there is nothing to worry about. As for Youtube videos, the player only supports hosted files and cannot play a Youtube video.

Has anyone had any issues with this plugin and the latest versions of WordPress – right up to 3.8.1? Specifically around deferring the loading of javascript in the page (forcing script to the footer), which breaks the player. Also updating the jquery.jplayer.min to later jPlayer version similarly breaks the player (play button on audio will not trigger).

I have it working on 3.8.1, yes, but deferring the loading of the script to the footer (which speeds up many other plugins), causes this one to tap out. Am I the only one?

Wow.. i see the picture in header, last 5 minuts.. picture by relplus))) but now is not here.. probably, it is hallucinations?)